TİM and Inovent are Launching an Innovation Mentorship project InoSuit to Enchance University - Industry Collaboration

In order to make our companies  capacity and performance systematic  and create sustainable added value, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) has started the “InoSuit – Innovation Mentorship  Project” by cooperating with universities and industrialists.

At the and of the project, it aimes to draw the roadmap for each company and monitor the development and improvement of corporate innovation system.

InoSuit – Innovation Mentorship Project began with workshops held on September 6-7 as cooperation of TİM and Inovent (a Sabancı University incubation and VC company).

Earlier at the process, results of 300 applications that we have received from 42 universities among the top 50 schools according to Enterprising and Innovate universities 2015 Index Rankings which determined by Minitry of Science, Industry and Technology 62 mentors we invited to this workshop.

TİM Board Member Ömer Burhanoğlu made the opening speech. Burhanoğlu highlighted  the importance of innovation for value – added export by underlining the university and industry collaboration.

Turkey's leading academics shared their knowlegdes and experiences with each other  about high value – added production, innovation, R&D and design in the workshop. At the end of the day, firms in the project matched with academics.

The second day of the workshop, TİM Secretary – General Dr. Bader Arslan made the opening speech. Arslan drew attention to innovative products and innovative structures.

Project will last 11 months. In the sixth month of the project, experiences and best practices will be shared. Success stories will be published, at the end of process.

InoSuit – Innovation Mentorship Project aims to bring together 100 companies matched with around 65 Mentors. TİM and Exporters Unions are planning to expand the scope and breadth of the Project with more participant companies, especially those having large R&D centers established.