TIM hosts Mr. Tüfenkci, Minister of Customs and Trade

Exporters want paperless transactions at customs to gain speed

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) hosted the Minister of Customs and Trade, Mr. Bülent Tüfenkci at its Expanded Chairmen Board Meeting in April. In the meeting attended by TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi as well as chairmen of exporter unions and their deputies and chairmen of sectors council, Minister Tüfenkci listened to the problems of the exporters consisting of 56 articles and solution recommendations. TIM Chairman Büyükekşi underlined that their purpose is to increase the global power of the exporters and said that with the implementation of their requests exporters will gain time and their competition power will be strengthened. Minister Tüfenkci said that it may be possible for the transactions of the exporters at customs to be performed in a paperless environment with transparent and full automation towards the end of the year.

Büyükekşi said they closely follow up the Ministry of Customs and Trade's works especially that foresee arrangements in the commercial life and find them favorable and mentioned that time losses and costs would be reduced with the modernization of the customs and expediting of customs formalities in the world. Büyükekşi listed the requests of the exporters to Minister Tüfenkci as follows:

“Data flow between the customs administrations and exporter unions must be made electronically within the frameworks of a single window system. Infrastructure deficiencies at customs stations must be eliminated. Unfair practices on port fees must be stopped. Export processes must be improved and more transactions must be performed in paperless environment. Red line practices must be minimized. Customs must operate 7/24 and overtime payments must nıt be paid by the exporters. These are some of our requests”

With digitalization, export will increase permanently and continuously

Büyükekşi pointed out that exporters will have a cost advantage when these requests are implemented and said “with the simplified transaction processes, bureaucracy will be decreased. Time loses will be reduced. With digitalization, export will increase permanently and continuously. Therefore our exporters will have increased competitive power in the world markets”.

Büyükekşi drew attention to the rapid change in the world in the meeting and pointed out the possible problems if Turkey fails to catch up with this change. Büyükekşi especially underlined the industrial strategy plan called Industry 4.0 and went on to say “If we fail to take the necessary steps on this subject on time, we will have to follow the world at a distance in the future. In this context, we find the recently passed R&D law quite important”.

Internal market must not be neglected

Minister Tüfenkci, who listened to the exporters, underlined the fact that tightening global markets must be entered in a more competitive manner and said “We are working to open your way in those markets and for you to compete better in international markets. We must never neglect the new industrial revolution, innovation and information technologies. First of all we must make our production healthier and increase it. We must export to new markets. For this, we must provide support for you. In order for us to be strong in foreign markets, we must be dynamic in the internal market. We must never neglect our internal market”.

Tüfenkci also reminded that they are carrying out studies to bring together firms that make export at a certain level at certain locations such as Singapore and to establish proper storage and domestic and international distribution channels. Minister Tüfenkci said “This way, we are working for a system that will provide certain customs and tax advantages. We want the tradesmen to grow, also. If they cannot make production, they may join you in this manner”.