TIM took the first step in e-commerce

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) took the first step following the decision of the Turkish Ministry of Economy to provide support to the membership of e-commerce websites through related NGOs. The Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Mehmet BUYUKEKSI, signed an agreement with e-commerce platforms AliBaba, Kompass, and Turkish Exporters. The announcement was made at a press conference under the leadership of the Minister of Economy, Nihat ZEYBEKCİ.

According to Mr. BUYUKEKSİ, e-commerce websites will help our exporters to gain access to new markets. Moreover, he expects new exporters to join the trade scene.

Mr. ZEYBEKCI shared his belief that TIM's initiative will set an example to other NGOs. Ministry of Economy, along with the related NGOs, will be the pioneers in guiding Turkish exporters to set foot on the global e-commerce market.