TIM will offer suggestions about VAT System

Turkish Exporters Assembly started to work for “Reforming VAT System” to offer exporters' suggestions to the government. TİM started to prepare a report on the VAT system, which is one of the most important complaints of exporters.

The study will present the suggestions for reform. TİM Chairman Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ said:

“As Turkish Exporters Assembly, it is our priority task to remove the obstacles in front of our exports and exporters, to identify and solve all the problems of our exporters, especially the sectoral and structural problems. In this sense, one of the important issues that our exporters demanded is reform in VAT system.

From the point of view of our exporters, the most important troubles in the process are the delays in VAT returns. In the Exporters Tendency Survey, which we announced last month, our firms also revealed the problems they have experienced about delays. Due to the delays, the financial burden of our exporters is increasing. Besides these, the intensive bureaucracy experienced during the transactions is also an important problem.

As the Turkish Exporters Assembly, we are also preparing a report for the solution of these problems. With this study, we will present our reform suggestions by making a comparison with the sample countries. In this work, we will present our final suggestions at the beginning of July to the Minister of Finance. Then, we will share it with the public.

As exporters, we are working hard to reach our goals. While we work in line with our targets, our government also opens the way for our exporters. Within this scope, we believe that the reforms to be made in our VAT system will provide very important benefits for our exporters. "