TIMAKADEMI will provide guidance to exporters with ‘10 Provinces 10 Target Countries'

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) will make pinpoint operation to increase the export with '10 Provinces 10 Countries” target. 10 provinces with the highest volume of exports will be matched with the 10 most important countries to increase the sales to these markets.

TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi said “If each province increases its export by 10 percent, its impact on the total exports will be approximately 8 percent”.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) will make pinpoint operation in exports to achieve the 2023 targets. With '10 Provinces 10 Countries” target, TIM, through TIMAKADEMI in its own organization, will match the provinces that make most amount of exports with countries and sales to these markets will be increased. TIMAKADEMI and its solution partners Halkbank, Vodafone, Coface Sigorta, UPS, Global Connection, and Turkishtime will hold the first of the target country conferences in Gaziantep, which is matched with England, which has a market volume of 600 billion dollars. TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi emphasized that the share of these 10 provinces in the exports is 80% and said “If each province increases its export by 10 percent, its impact on the total exports will be approximately 8 percent”.

Think one step ahead to create awareness

Büyükekşi pointed out the importance of TIMAKADEMI's '10 Provinces 10 Countries” target, drew attention to the fact that they are working to maximize both the number of exporters and the value of the exports. Büyükekşi said they aim to provide information to the firms about the world markets and continued to say “Our goal is to channel our export to the right markets. To think one step ahead to increase our awareness. To generate a healthy export ecosystem through sharing of experience and accumulation of information. To utilize the potential of our provinces to channel them to the right markets in order to achieve the 2023 target of 500 billion dollars. A famous philosopher says 'Where willpower expands, difficulties shrink”. Our purpose is to make a positive and measurable contribution to the position of Turkey in the world economy”.

Vodafone will introduce the 'Exporter Ready for Tomorrow” concept

TIMAKADEMI's solution partner Vodafone's Turkey Executive Board Vice President, Engin Aksoy mentioned the cooperation with TIM and said “Starting from Gaziantep on May 3rd, we will visit 10 provinces. We will discuss each target market that every province has extensive commercial relations with as an agenda item. We will explain the “Digitalization Index” to exporter firms and introduce our 'Exporter Ready for Tomorrow” concept. We will share our solution recommendations”.

Halkbank will Provide Risk Analysis Support to Firms

Halkbank SME and Tradesmen Banking Deputy General Manager Erdal Erdem indicated that their support will continue to the exporter in every field and said “With the “Target Market” meetings we will implement, we will make contribution to the establishment of sector and country diversification strategy. These meetings will enable us to determine the necessary applications for increasing the market share in target markets that have high growth potential. We will provide support to the firms for the execution of the requirement and risk analyses necessary for entry to the target markets”.

Target countries are world giants

The first event of TIMAKADEMI will be held in Gaziantep on March 3rd. Many information will be shared here in the target country conference, related with how the businessmen of Gaziantep will enter the England market, how the bureaucratic barriers will be overcome, whom will be cooperated with. In this activity, Minister of Economy Mustafa Elitaş, TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, South Eastern Anatolia Exporter Unions Chairman Abdülkadir Çıkmaz, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, England Business Council Co-Chairman Remzi Gür, English Chamber of Commerce Chairman Chris Gaunt and many experts who know this market closely will provide guidance to businessmen of Gaziantep.

After the matching between Gaziantep and England, there will be target country conferences for the provinces and countries of Ankara – China, Antalya – Germany, Bursa - USA, Denizli – Italy, Adana - Saudi Arabia, Kayseri – France, Konya – Iran, İstanbul – UAE and İzmir – Poland. In these conferences many topics will be shared with the exporters such as opportunities presented by the target countries, financial possibilities of these countries, frequently mad mistake when doing business, impact of business culture on entry to the market.