TIM's Chairman: “Turkey advanced for 16 steps in the Innovation rankings”

At the Adana Meeting of Turkish Innovation Week, Mehmet Buyukeksi, the Chairman of TIM said the following: “we qualified for the 42nd rank, rising up 16 steps instantaneously while ranking 58th position last year in the Global Innovation Index rating system. We reach our aims one after another for the success of our innovation goals as TIM. We are grateful to our dynamic youth for this success.”

Nihat Zeybekçi, Minister of Economy, and Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology also honored our Adana Meeting of Turkish Innovation Week, held for the second time this year under the coordination of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Turkey, hosted by Turkish Exports Assembly and Mediterranean Exporters Associations (AKIB).

Turkish Innovation Week Adana held with contributions of Adana Chamber of Industry, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Cukurova Development Agency and the Adana Metropolitan Municipality as well as in strategic collaboration with Arcelik, Turkish Economy Bank and Turkish Airlines, impressed the sense of innovation to the Cukurova Region through panels upon Design and Innovation, Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Turkish Business World, Successfully Recognized in the World, Star CEOs of Innovative Companies, Innovation as Leading Actor, Extraordinary Women, Smart Objects, Industry 4.0 and Present to World Cuisine in South of Anatolia as well as workshops and trainings in many fields from design to social life, education and health.

Mr. Zeybekcı, Ministry of Economy said the following: “It is a requirement for Turkey to make innovation in every field such as economy, politics, art and sociology. Otherwise, we will be wiped out from the stage of history or lie fallow where we have no attempt.” Emphasizing the fact that Turkey worked a miracle by increasing its 2 billion dollars export volume to 150 billion dollars for years, Mr. Zeybekci said the following: “Turkey worked this miracle in spite of the foreign-source dependence from raw material to design, patent and financing. However, the miracle is thus far. We must proceed to another phase. We need to raise the rate of export to 4,5 dollars per kilogram at least like Japan and Germany. We must create added value in many fields such as science, industry, technology and economy in order to increase the export volume of Turkey to 500 billion dollars.”

TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) to let Private Sector to produce Research-Development

Implying the importance of the increased high technology rate of 15 percent in production, Faruk OZLU, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology said the following: “It is pleasing to have increased share of private sector in Research and Development works of Turkey. After required proceedings are taken, TUBITAK will be another supporting institution for you to make research and development. We could not follow the former three industrial revolutions closely in parallel with the world countries. Yet, we will be the leading country for the coming industrial revolution.”

400 thousand participants welcomed at the innovation week for five years

Mr. Buyukeksi said the following: “400 thousand participants have followed our activities and occasions we conducted in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Gaziantep cities of Turkey for five years. Our efforts did not go waste.”

You are a Nation off the Charts

The second day of the Adana Meeting of Turkish Innovation Week welcomed Tony Buzan, educational consultant and creator of Mind Mapping software- a visual thinking tool in terms of creativity and innovation. Lecturing on “Releasing Creativity through Mind Mapping” Tony Buzan referred to the significance of dreaming for innovation and creativity. Mr. Buzan said the following: “You are a nation off the charts. I witness most of you dream. Dreaming is a very serious activity. Whether dreaming is good or bad is questioned at schools all around the world. In most of the countries, dreaming is considered to be bad; however you value your dreams. Dreaming is important during innovation discussions. It is a requirement indeed. If you do not dream, you die. You need to dream in order to be successful. In fact, this constitutes the basis of innovation. Mind mapping supports Turkey in this sense. You may make use of mind mapping for leadership and innovation. People use below 1 percent of their brain around the world. This is actually not sad news; because you manage and live on just 1 percent of it. You have further 99 percent potential. If we make us more of our brain, everything will be marvelous”.

Tiny Touches May be Sufficient

Zeki Kıvanc, Chairman of Mediterranean Exporters Associations (AKIB) said the following: “Change and development are in the nature of the beast of Anatolian territories. The industry of Adana needs to change and identify itself again. We cannot accomplish different results by making the same.”

Referring the importance of the innovation deficiency of Turkey for increased exportation volume, Bulent Aymen, Chairman of Adana Innovation Committee for Turkish Innovation Week, said the following: “We cannot accomplish different results by making the same. We need to adopt the innovation culture in every field from design to production.”

We hope to hear innovation news from you

Deputy Chairman of TIM Suleyman Kocasert said the following: “we have reaped the fruits of our efforts on innovation activities we conducted for 5 years; however the research and development share of 1 percent is required to be raised up to 3 percent for 2023 goals.”

Turkey to catch Industry 4.0 to expand

Chairman of the Executive Board of Limak Holding Company, Nihat Ozdemir, referred to the industry 4.0 as the utmost point for Turkish economy to reach in order for the intended expansion and added the following: “this means robot technology is to be used in industrial production”. 

Affirming 52 thousand workers of the Holding in three continents with its affiliated companies, Mr. Ozdemir emphasized the fact that innovation is an indivisible part of their working system.

We created a brand from Turkish Bagel /Simit and get 17 dollars per kilogram

Stating the importance of branding with his own words “No brand no living”, Haluk Okutur, the Honorary Founding President of Simit Sarayı, said the following: “we made the Turkish bagel a brand. We get 17 dollars per kilogram of Turkish Bagel while the average export price of Turkey per kilogram is 1,5 dollars. Pointing the agricultural sector for the future of the Turkey, Mr. Okutur added the following: “The agricultural export of Turkey is just 17 billion dollars. We may improve economic and social structure as well as health sector through agriculture.”