TİM-TEB Start-Up Business House leaves its mark on Seedstars World

Seedstars World, which is hold to discover the best rapidly growing start-ups at emerging markets, has been organized in İstanbul this year. 5 of 10  finalist entrepreneurs of Seedstars İstanbul 2017 contest is composed of TİM-TEB Start-up Business House Entrepreneurs. Also, top-3 entrepreneurs are turned out to be from TİM-TEB Start-up Business House after the evaluation of jury. Top-3 entrepreneurs are by respectively Paym.es, Udentify and Ahtapot. Paym.es from İstanbul TİM-TEB Start-up Business House has won the right to attend Global Seedstars Contest to represent our country.

What is Paym.es?: Paym.es, who had entitled to attend Global seedstars, is an online shopping system which provide us to safely sell and buy new and second-hand products via messaging programs.

What is Udentify?: Getting the second place at Seedstars İstanbul 2017 contest, Udetify is an innovative software which is designed to obtain customer data by facial recognition technology instead of its inadequate methods in physical environment. Using Udentify remedies firms can obtain the advantages of developing service and sale processes, increasing sales, decreasing costs, getting precautions to increase incomes and efficiency and organizing correct campaigns.

What is Ahtapot?: Winning the third place at Seedstars İstanbul 2017 contest, Ahtapot is a mobile application which provides its members an intra community social network service. Ahtapot members can enhance social activities and professional business relations according to their hobbies and expertness, can plan announcements and organizations about every kind of development and activity and can find each other wherever they are in the World.