Turkey Innovation Week Passed like the Wind from Ankara

Nicolas Huchet, the inventor who repaired his own body, placed his stamp on the “Turkey Innovation Week Activities” organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Central Anatolia Exporters Unions (CAEU) with the support of the Ministry of Economy.

Huchet produced a bionic hand for 200 Euros for his handicapped hand using 3D technology. Huchet, who can tie his shoes and play frisbee with this hand, said for innovation “There is technology, there is intelligence; be together, be motivated and ask questions”.

Also in Turkey Innovation Week, awards were given by CAEU Coordinator Deputy Chairman Şerafettin Ceceli to successful projects that develop virtual games in digital game competition Hekaton.

Young people took great interest in the “Turkey Innovation Week” organized in Ankara. Student, who attended the conferences and panels at the activity with interest, watched also many innovative products from robotic products in MAKER motion to virtual games that were successful at Hekaton competition and to scientific researches at TUBITAK stand. Inventor Nicolas Huchet presented different worlds to the young people in his conference where he told the story of his bionic hand that he made for his handicapped hand.

Activities of “Turkey Innovation Week”, coordinated by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Central Anatolia Exporters Unions (CAEU) with the support of the Ministry of Economy, organized with the strategic partnership of Arçelik, TEB, THY, Ankara Development Agency, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and with the contribution of partner country France, continued on the second day with interesting subjects and guests.

Digital game competition 'Hekaton' awards were given

In the activities, the successful projects of the young people who developed virtual games in 48 hours at digital game competition “Hekaton” were awarded. CAEU Coordinator Deputy Chairman Şerafettin Ceceli gave the awards, where the third award was won by Destiny of Leef team with 'Together in the dark', second award by Kubra.in team with 'H 11', first award by Hayali – Kuixo team with 'Journey' game.

Bionic hand for 200 Euros

Inventor Nicolas Huchet, who gave inspiration to youngsters with his conference titled “Innovation Without Handicap”, told the story of his bionic hand that he produced with 3D. He pointed out that being handicapped is a difficult situation and said “I attracted the attention of other people because of my handicapped hand. I thought I could repair my own body. I removed my prosthesis hand and started to make a hand at FABLAB in three-dimensional printer. I was very happy when I repaired my own body. This bionic hand cost only 200 Euros”. He emphasized that useful works can be done by thinking together.

Huchet told that he can tie his shoes and play frisbee with his bionic hand and said “I shake hands with everybody in the world with this hand. People were surprised, I made a good impression. This is innovation. Be motivated, ask questions, don't be shy. You can do these with a single question. Only one thing is needed to achieve everything in the new century. It is working together. We have technology, we have intelligence, we have effort; if we work together we can succeed. We will not change the world; we will change ourselves. Then the world will change by itself”.

“One must learn to learn”

Futurologist Bruno Marion drew attention to the chaotic situation of the world and underlined that this can be corrected with change. Marion said about change “It is required to know and to learn how to learn very rapidly. It is required not to forget learning”.

At the Animation Films and Cinema Industry panel, it was described how the famous characters of the cartoon world are created by imagining. At this panel Ayşe Şule Bilgiç, Founder of Düşyeri Studios and Creator of the cartoon “PEPEE”, Mehmet Kurtuluş, Director of animation film “Bad Cat Şerafettin', Sinan Vural, Visual effect supervisor, Berat İlk, Canlandıranlar Association/ASIFA Turkey Chairman and Avni Barış İslamoğlu, Producer and Director, transported the youngsters to the world of dreams.