Turkey's Exports were 11.9 billion USD in November

Turkey's Exports were 11.9 billion USD in November

According to Turkish Exporters' Assembly's (TİM) data, Turkey's exports increased by 5% in November, reaching 11 billion 952 million USD.

In the January-October period, exports were 128 billion 973 million dollars, with a 2.4% drop.

Top performers in November were Automotive, Garments and Chemicals sectors; with 2.2, 1.3, and 1.2 billion USD in exports respectively.

Looking at the figures based on country and regions, exports to the EU increased by 4.9% while exports to Northern America rose by 18.4%. The biggest increase was in Norway with 656%, and the main component of this rise was the increase in the ship and yacht exports.

Chairman of TİM, Mehmet Büyükekşi, said that they are expecting the rise in exports to continue, with the normalization in relationships with Russia and neighboring countries. Commenting on the currency rates, Büyükekşi said “The rise in the foreign currency values helps us compete in export market. However, we still want it to be predictable”.

The Chairman also pointed at the decline in world trade;

“According to WTO data, in January-September period world trade declined by 4.1%. UK's exports dropped by 12.3%, Russia's by 23.4% and China's by 8.2%. I can say that Turkey is showing a positive performance compared to the world.”