Turkey's friends will talk to the world about the country's potential…

Turkey Perception Campaign which will be carried out abroad under the guidance of Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, with the coordination of TİM and TOBB's contributions, has been introduced with a launch event that took place in Ciragan Palace. Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, TİM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, TOBB Deputy Chairman Halim Mete, representatives of civil society and business world as well as top level executives of global companies attended to the event.

Thanks to the campaign, a strong response will be given to recent efforts that aim to tarnish Turkey's international perception. Spearheaded by Economy Ministry, the campaign plans to bolster the faith in the potential of Turkey's consistent economy after the vile coup attempt and the terror attacks that targeted the country in 2016.

The campaign aimed at preventing any further damage to Turkey's international position and reputation, will include activities at the U.S.A, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and U.A.E, the seven countries that make of nearly 40% of Turkey's annual exports. All the work will be managed from Turkey. In this context, the videos prepared with senior executives of foreign companies in Turkey will be shown in seven countries. As of today, for two days, we will also be showing promotional films on Turkish TVs.

Videos that feature top executives of 16 international brands, talking about their trust and belief in Turkey, run on the theme “Turkey from the eyes, hearts and words of foreign friends”. The campaign which will focus on countries that make of most of Turkey's annual export volume has a major difference from other countries similar campaigns. Turkey's realities will not be told by Turkish businessmen but rather by the executives of foreign companies who are investing and operating in Turkey and believe in our country's potential.

Explaining the details of the project and mentioning its expected contributions to our country's international image, Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci, pointed out that our foreign friends who go through the same experiences we do are not at all foreign to us and should be deemed as our “fellows”. “As a country that has opted for its integration with the West we have lived through a time when we had not been able to manifest what we felt and we have witnessed that our friends also had difficulties in explaining what really was going on here to the international circles. Some media outlets in some friendly nations came up with outrageous allegations. No matter how hard it may be, we have to tell outsiders what is happening in Turkey in an objective and truthful manner. But it is challenging for us to talk about ourselves. Our friends should stand for us. That is why we said, come and share your story with us. Our campaign will start in 7 countries and will gradually expand.” Minister Zeybekci added.

Warning against some malicious attempts of discord Minister Zeybekci said the following: “Terror organizations benefit from the current situation. We will not let them triumph. We will rally all our friends from all over the world and tell them to beware of traps. We will continue with our relentless efforts to talk about ourselves and our realities. Our endeavors will not be limited to these. As the Economy Minister, I will personally explain our investment incentive system to the leading actors of the world, I will underline the advantages of Turkey. This is a project to create our own giant companies as Turkey.”

Speaking at the meeting, TİM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi stressed the vision of Turkish Presidency and the leadership of Economy Minister as the campaign's base. “Today we will not be talking about ourselves. Our friends who know us, who believe us and trust our country will talk. We will defeat the smear campaigns.” said  TİM Chairman.

Pointing out negative developments that affected Turkey and neighboring countries in 2016 TİM Chariman made following remarks: “Should one tenth of these events occurred in any other country, that country's economy would turn upside down. But thanks to the camaraderie and solidarity in our nation and our strong economical structure we have managed to overcome these obstacles.” Referring to the fact that Turkey is a center of attraction for investors and that the biggest players in the main sectors of the global economy are investing in our country, TİM Chairman Büyükekşi remarked "They are all our friends, who are managing some of the most successful international companies. Those partners of ours have their own peculiar stories of Turkey. They will be telling those stories.”

Lastly, TOBB Deputy Chairman Halim Mete said the following “They tried to identify our country with terror attacks but they could not manage to harm our unity. After the terror attacks and the coup attempt that took place last year, we consulted with our local and international interlocutors, organized numerous events and tried to explain our situation. This campaign, led by our Economy Minister, is invaluable to all of us. How you are perceived is as important as how strong you are. We are launching our campaign contrary to those who claim Turkey cannot be trusted, we give the messages of our belief in Turkey and its economy. We are saying this as the leaders of companies that invest in Turkey. I extend my utmost gratitude to all contributing companies, to our Economy Ministry and to TİM.

The campaign is expected to reach to 500 million people in 7 countries.