turkey's trade volume wıth mozambıque reached 115 mıllıon usd, up from 23 mıllıon usd.

Within the framework of a trade delegation between 10-12 May 2017, a business forum followed by bilateral company meetings, brought together Turkish and Mozambican businesspeople on May 11th at the Conference Hall of AFECC Gloria Hotel in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique. The delegation was organized by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) under the aegis of the Turkish Ministry of Economy, following a trip made by the President of Turkey in January 2017 to Mozambique, which urged the demand for a follow-up from the business circles of both sides.   

On behalf of our Assembly, Mr. Rahmi İncetan, vice-president of the Mediterranean Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association headed the Turkish Trade Delegation.

Around 250 Mozambican businesspeople attended The “Turkey-Mozambique Business Forum” which began at 9:30 A.M. local time, and the opening remarks were made by the Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Maputo, Mr. Ahmet Yener, who also acted as the moderator of the forum. In his speech, Mr. Yener pointed out that the Turkish Trade Delegation to Mozambique that was held in 2016, contributed to the development of trade between the two countries and that it prompted Mozambican businesspeople to pay a visit to Turkey and established new business relations. He added that the aim is to bring the bilateral trade between the two countries to its full potential with the contribution of both parties. 

Mr. Yener continued his speech by sharing information on the foreign trade figures between the two countries and emphasized that Mozambique represents a big potential for exports and investment especially in the construction, energy, tourism, mining and logistics sectors. 

Mr. Yener also made reference to the fact that during the President's visit to Mozambique in January 2017, the infrastructure for bilateral trade agreements were also founded. He added that although its economy is entirely based on imports, through the last 10 years Mozambique has registered a growth rate of 7% on the average. 

Mr. Yener pointed out that the brand “Turkey” and Turkish products are much appreciated in Mozambique, and despite the fact that South Africa and China hold a strong position in the region, he expressed his hopes in seeing our country take a significant share from the Mozambican market in a short time. 

The Turkish Ambassador Mrs. Zeynep Kızıltan, on her speech, said that the economic relations between Turkey and Mozambique have gained a new dimension due to the reciprocal trade delegations held in 2016, that Mozambique's participation in the African Union Agriculture Forum held in Antalya in April 2017 was at the level of Minister of Agriculture and expressed her hopes for both countries to further increase the trade volume, acting based on a “win-win” principle.

Mrs. Ambassador continued her remarks by sharing information on the agreements that were signed between our country and Mozambique in the beginning of 2017. She mentioned that our government's policy of “Opening Out to Africa” has contributed a lot to the development of relations between the two countries, and that both sides have put much effort in order to attain the goals set forward by our President of Republic during his visit to Mozambique, according to which exports should reach 150 million dollars in the short term and 500 million dollars in the long run. 

Mrs. Ambassador also gave detailed information concerning potential sectors in Mozambique. She noted that the country has a huge potential in tourism and that our Assembly as well as the Turkish Airlines have contributed significantly to the development of mutual relations. 

Mr. Agostinho Vuma, Vice-President of the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) who addressed the audience, said that they aim at increasing the number of such trade delegations in order for the bilateral trade to further develop. 

Mr. Vuma added that Mozambique presents an important potential in the sectors of meat and poultry and agricultural products such as banana and cashew nuts, while inviting the Turkish businessmen to Mozambique for investment and import especially in the pharmaceutical sector. 

In his speech, the head of delegation Mr. Rahmi İncetan presented our Assembly and its activities, and mentioned that within the framework of our country's policy for Africa, Mozambique is given special attention. Mr. İncetan, who made a detailed presentation of mutual trade figures over the years, highlighted that the trade volume between the two countries in 2006 was at the level of 23 million dollars, whereas in 2016 this number reached 115 million dollars, with peaks as highs as 180 million dollars in 2011 and 2012.     

Mr. İncetan signaled that our country is in the top rank in exports of prefabricated structures, electric cookers and ovens, iron-steel bars and live yeast and that we mainly import tobacco, aluminum and bituminous coal from Mozambique. Mr. İncetan ended his speech mentioning that the trade will be increased through the transfer of mutual experiences.

Mr. Godinho Alves, Vice-Chairman of Mozambique Investment Promotion Center (CPI) who addressed the audience made a short speech followed by a presentation. He thus informed the participants on Mozambique's tax system, tax incentives, bilateral trade agreements/contracts, business and investment opportunities, advantages of the agricultural sectors, agricultural products and chain stores, production, industries with priorities, alternative and renewable energy projects, tourism, transport and potential industry centers and details.

The “Turkey-Mozambique Business Forum” was ended after mutual exchange of gifts with the shooting of the traditional family photos.

The bilateral business negotiations (B2B) part of our trade delegation has attracted a significant number of local participants. An estimate of 750 business meetings between the 25 Turkish companies and 250 Mozambican firms were held during the event. 

It has been observed that the said meetings have been quite successful for both Turkish and Mozambique companies as company representatives from both sides expressed their appreciation to our Assembly for the success of the organization.