Turkish Exporters' Assembly organized “Export Compass” event which is “Route: Ivory Coast” in order to introduce the target markets and tell advantages and risks for our exporters. Ivory Coast is one of the important African Country when exporters would like to enter this region. Also some subsides and supports explained for our exporters.

Event started with an opening speech of TIM Secretary General H. Bader Arslan. Ivory Coast Commercial Counselor Mr. Florent Menzan said that “Ivory Coast has 700 kilometer coast border with 25 million Atlantic Ocean population and significant market for exporters who prefer to enter African Market”

Ivory Coast embraces the liberal economy and follows the open politics. Menzan said that “Last years, we created projects on especially development of agriculture because agriculture sector is one of the important source of income. According to 2012 figures, we produced 1.4 million tons cocoa every year as a significant producer of the world. We also produce cashew, palm oil and tuna fishes with high number capacity. Our target is to export our products to the world after processing them. Therefore we would like to get investment from Turkish Companies.”

Menzan added that we lack of construction, engineering, technology and service sectors. “We would like to learn experiences of Turkish Companies in these specific sectors. In order to do that, Turkish Companies need to visit Ivory Coast to analyze our dynamics.”

The panel continued with moderation of Mr. Erkan Kaplan, TIM Deputy Secretary General. Participation of exporting companies to Ivory Coast like Vefa Prefabrik CEO, Turan Koçyiğit, Meta Foreign Trade Representative, Yekta Küçüköztürk and Al Sunbullah Group Chairman, Halit Şirkan Hatay shared their experiences about the country.

Representative of Ministry of Economy, Tarhan Sezgin gave critical information about the market while Coface representative Seltem İyigün explained Coface's role for insurance in the market.