Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) signed a cooperation protocol with seven major banks in order to meet the financial needs of 71 thousand exporter companies.

With the protocol, banks will offer privileged services and will provide appropriate conditions in various credit types, using resources from bank capital or Eximbank.

I expect positive discrimination from the banks.  

Reminding that just as TIM expressed the need for a positive discrimination to see more women in the management of the Exporter Associations, Büyükekşi added: “Banks should also make positive discrimination in favor of exporters. For Turkey to truly provide sustainable growth, increase production and employment and reduce the current deficit, export and tourism are essential. For that reason, I attach big importance to this protocol.

Supporting exporters is very important for our counrty

Bank officials also made statements at the protocol ceremony. “Exporters are among the most important elements which will shape the future of Turkey's economy” said Osman Arslan, The General Manager of Halkbank and added: "Supporting our exporters means increasing Turkey's foreign trade figures, rising our country's competitiveness in the international arena and ensuring a greater prosperity for our people to live in ".

Denizbank General Manager Hakan Ates said that they embrace each project which benefits Turkey's future as being a social responsibility. Ates said, "Within the framework of the protocol signed with TİM, we will stand by the exporter members of TIM in their loan requirements with our foreign trade support lines or our cost packages.”

All companies will eventually become exporters

Albaraka Turk General Manager Melikşah Utku stated that the fundamental problems of Turkey which he described as foreign exchange rate and current deficit, can be solved with the increase of exports. He said: “Unlike the rest of the world, we have the spirit of entrepreneurship to make exports better. All companies will eventually become exporters”.

Şahismail Şimşek, the Deputy General Manager of İş Bank said that with the entrepreneurial spirit that they have successfully shown in the past years, exporters will make use of the opportunities abroad in the best possible way. He added: “We are ready to provide financial support with our experience to our exporters”.

Akbank Deputy General Manager Bülent Oğuz expressed that the banking sector should also carry out different studies on the financing of technology, branding and R&D to promote the exports of value added goods. Oguz said, "As a bank we want to enlarge the cake rather than getting a slice of the cake."

Vakıfbank Deputy General Manager Ersin Özoğuz emphasized that they continue to be the power next to projects that support production, employment, and strengthen exports. Özoğuz said, "As the Turkish banking sector, we are always proud of being next to our exporters."

Şekerbank Deputy General Manager Umut Ülbegi, explained that within the framework of the signed protocol, they are willing to use the power of the platform not only in big cities, but that they also want to extend it to more SME's in Anatolia and thus, aim at supporting Turkey's inclusive growth.