Turkish Exporters' Assembly has released the “Exporters Tendency Survey”

Investment plans of Exporters are about Innovation

Turkish Exporters' Assembly has released the “Exporters Tendency Survey” for 2016 Q3 realization and Q4 expectations. According to the survey, USA, Russia, Iran and Germany are leading target countries for exporters. 64% of the exporters said 15th of June cope attempt did not affect their exports. TIM President Mr. Mehmet BUYUKEKSI told the followings about the Survey:

“We are happy to see exporters to plan their investments mainly focusing on innovation. We've been giving importance to R&D, Innovation, Branding and Design for years to increase value-added in our national exports.”

The main results of the Survey are as follows:

  • According to the survey results done with 414 firms, USA is the first target market of the exporters with %15 share.
  • According to the results, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the exporters planned the domestic investments as follows and indicated that they target the high value added products:

%24.9 modernization,

%21 capacity building,

%18.6 research and development and innovation.

  • In the third quarter of the year, the share of the firms which indicated that they entered new markets was realized as %34.8 with a similar share of the previous quarter.
  • According to the expectations of the fourth quarter of 2016, the share of exporters who think that production and exports will not decrease is %68,1 and %59,2 respectively.
  • The exporters who participated to the survey indicated that they used domestic raw materials in their production by %65,9 which is parallel to the previous quarter.
  • The exchange rate expectations of the exporters was realized as follows: USD/TL 3,14 ; EURO/TL 3,43 ; EURO/USD 1.09.
  • The inflation forecast of the exports for 2016 is 8,16 % and growth expectation is 3,1 %.
  • %54 of the exporters expect the Central Bank to continue to decrease the interest rate.
  • According to the survey results, %34 of the firms who export to the Russian market increased their exports.

President Buyukeksi commented on the results as follows:

“Regarding the latest developments, we realize our Government has taken important steps to improve exports. Exporters' one of the main demands, green passport for exporters passed into law. The export supports in 2017 budget has increased from 1 billion Turkish Lira to 3 billion Lira. We have been rewarded for most of our demands from our Government. Moreover, political relations with Russia has started recently, which is a good development for us. We hope exports to Russia will be normalized in 2017 attaining the previous year's values”