Turkish Exporters Assembly -Logistics Problems of Turkish Exporters Meeting

“Logistics Problems of Turkish Exporters Meeting” has been arranged by Turkish Exporters Assembly in association with Turkish Ministry of Economy on 19th June 2017 to discuss about the logistics problems encountered by Turkish exporters.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bülent AYMEN who is the head of Logistics Council of Turkish Exporters Assembly. Speakers included representatives of The Maritime Association of Ship-owners And Agents who were also representatives of 3 sea line operators, namely;

  •          MSC – Savaş ERCAN
  •          TURKON LINE – Muhammed ŞEYDA
  •          ARKAS -  Murat DENİZERİ

Following various complaints about the increase in freight costs and lack of containers for export logistics, Turkish Exporters Assembly have immediately taken action about the problem, a presentation about the problem was realized in the Board of Directors on 18th May 2017 and the need to hold series of meetings in different towns like Mersin, Ankara, İstanbul, Antalya and Izmir have been emphasized.

In the opening section, Mr. Bülent AYMEN has stated that in the last year the freight costs have increased in a range from 100% to 400%, which amounted up to a point where exporters can hardly bear. Mr. AYMEN said, the root-cause of the problem is that the sea freight container sector is moving towards a monopolistic structure, especially after the bankruptcy of South Korean Hanjin company.

Mr AYMEN has advised the sea freight container sector to consider their relationship with the Turkish exporters in a long term perspective, and that we aim to achieve a long term success through a win-win approach. Mr. AYMEN has underlined the success in the export scene in the recent period and stated that the support of the sea freight container sector is necessary to sustain this in the future.

During the meeting, the speakers from The Maritime Association of Ship-owners And Agents have made a brief presentation about the sector and the recent problems, then in the Questions & Answers section participants have raised their questions and the speakers have answered and commented about these questions.

The final remarks were made by the representative of Ministry of Economy, Mr.Vahap Metin DEĞER. Mr DEĞER stated that the ministry has been working intensely to deal with the problem and to solve the related problems encountered by the Turkish exporters. Mr. Değer concluded his remarks by stating that two meetings have been realized in Mersin and Ankara prior to the meeting of Exporters Assembly in İstanbul, and two more meetings will be held in Antalya and Izmir in the following weeks.