Turkish Innovation Week 2016 started in İzmir

TIM President Büyükekşi used youngsters' favorite game application to draw attention to innovation:

“If we add indorsements of sugar factories in Turkey, it will not worth as much as Candy Crash”

TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi told “Value of Candy Crash which every teenager plays is 5,9 billion dollars. Indorsement of all of the sugar factories in Turkey would not make this much. These numbers should inspire. For this reason, 2023 export target was set in regard to innovation, design, Re-De and significance of brand.

Well-known trend expert Magnus Lindkvist stated “To create means to liberalize and to free. Turkish Innovation Week does this. Do not regard trends. Trends actually show information from the past. You should look for what is hidden.”

Turkish Innovation Week which is held by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Aegean Exporters Unities (EIB) with the support of Ministry of Economy started in İzmir. Turkish Innovation Week which took place under sponsorship of Arçelik, Turkish Economy Bank and Turkish Airlines and with contributions of İzmir Development Agency and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality gathered youngsters, artists, business world and academicians. In the event where local and foreign 44 speakers who stood out with their innovative works will tell their successful stories, TIM and TEB Entrepreneurship Homes' significant projects and Market Movement's applications will be exhibited in İzmir for the first time.

Making the opening speech of Turkish Innovation Week, TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi drew attention to significance of innovation and value-added production in order to reach 2023 export targets and told “The only issue of Turkey in terms of innovation is not only transformation of state and bureaucracy but also transformation of business world”.

TIM President Büyükekşi emphasized that the period based on priority of capital is closed in today's world and human capital took the lead. Mentioning that it is time to move on to new business understanding that creates chances in the business world where chances are in the decrease, Büyükekşi pointed out “There is a need for new generation entrepreneur profile now. The more creative you are, the more successful you are. Innovation is not a chance but a style of thinking and living. It should not be a medium to be rich but to but the purpose. We are not walking towards the future; it is coming towards us. Therefore; we, as TIM, strive for creation of a new generation making innovation their lifestyle. With unlimited innovation, unlimited potential motto, we are willing to raise new generation creative entrepreneur, to provide them capital support and support innovative role models”.


There are 57 engineers working in WhatsApp.

Laying weight on innovation in his speech by giving examples from the most frequently used applications on today's cellphones, Büyükekşi told:

“Looking at today's teenagers, we see them playing Candy Crush in their cellphones. It is a game with 100 million users around the world. It is worth 5,9 billion dollars. Even if add indorsements of all sugar factories in Turkey, it will not make as much. Another example is WhatsApp application that we use in cellphones. It has 1 billion active users per month. 1,6 billion photo sharing and 42 billion texting in 53 different languages take place per day. They work with only 57 engineers and their sales number in 2014 was 19 billion dollars. These are significant numbers to take example. 2023 export target of Turkey was set as innovation, design, Re-De and significance of brand for this reason. Expanding step by step around Anatolia, we are willing to contribute in the youth with innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation leads to success. This is about believing and trusting and we will not let it be in vain”.

Do not mind trends, look for what is hidden

Globally known trend expert and writer of “Trent Hunter” Magnus Lindkvist gave a conference in Turkish Innovation Week. He told:

“Do you want to compete or create? You need rivals for competitions. If you win in a contest, you are rewarded, paid. However, when you create something new, people will say 'This will not work'. We are punishing people who create something new but reward them if they compete. To create means to liberalize and to free. It is what Turkish Innovation week does. Do not regard trends. Trends actually show what is already done. You should look for what is hidden. We desire a liberalization movement in a vertically variating world”.

Innovation's central force İzmir

EIB Coordinator President Sabri Ünlütürk told “İzmir does not take its strength from industry anymore but from innovation” and emphasized on their will to be the central force of innovation. TEB General Director Ümit Leblebici said that everything moves forward with the power of imagination and they are supporting entrepreneur for continuation of this power. Leblebici told “Lost money is not significant. Lost honesty is significant but lost courage is even more significant. This we should not lose. Therefore, we started TIM TEB Entrepreneurship Homes”. Arçelik Innovation Director Erkan Duysal described their works about how they will put smart products into practice.