Chairman of Turkish Exporters' Assembly Mehmet Büyükekşi made a declaration upon the incidents that took place yesterday in Israel which resulted in death of 59 Palestinians.

Büyükekşi declared: “ It caused great sorrow in our country that Israel responded with disproportionate force and bloody intervention against Palestinians who protest the decision of USA to move its Embassy to Jarusalem, which is against international law. 
We are in mourning for innocent Palestinian people, who were murdered, and condemning this assault.
Great powers are responsible for their decisions. In defiance of the attitude of majority of United Nations member states and all the warnings, this calamity was created blatantly and oblige every state to think one more time on world peace. We desire world public opinion and Islamic geography to take necessary steps for the end of suffering in Palestine as immediate as possible and for Jarusalem to have a propriate statute based on historicity.”