“We welcomed ‘East and Southeast Investment Support Thrust Introduction Program' blissfully”

We, as exporters, welcomed “East and Southeast Investment Support Thrust Introduction Program” blissfully which was announced by our Dear Prime Minister on September 4th in Diyarbakır. We believe that reconstruction of the cities and districts in the region, which was seriously damaged due to terrorism, will be effective both in terms of increasing the life quality in the region and therefore reducing terrorist activities.

On the other hand, investments in plan for the region will accelerate economic improvement in the region. Investments in question will deliver a substantial increase in employment and pave the way for regional cities to be the center of attraction as stated by our Prime Minister. Centers of attraction are being built in 23 cities. We believe these centers will create a great economic leap in the region.

We observe that regional cities benefiting from 6th Region incentives in our incentive system in effect cannot avail of these supports adequately due to recent terrorist incidents. Considering the data of the first 7 months, we can see that the number of incentive document issued in 6th Region was almost cut in half and the amount of investment in plan declined by 35% and became 1,5 billion TL. We believe that losses in export of these cities and investments made in these cities recently will be compensated with announced investment support package. We consider East and Southeast Anatolia regions as our gate to Middle East and Asia. Forthcoming years will bring much more significance to these regions in terms of Turkey's export. Therefore, economic improvement in these cities will deliver a substantial increase to Turkey's export to these regions. We, as Turkish Exporters Assembly, support this decision made by our Government and hope to see it in practice as soon as possible.