In the summit organized by Turkish Exporter's Assembly to promote e-commerce awareness under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy, all the process of the sector is discussed in panes and conferences.

The head of TİM Büyükekşi points out that Turkey is one of the two countries that have the greatest increase in online shopping together with India and adds “This area has a great potential. E-commerce will not only allow our exporters to reach new markets but also we will see a leap in exports and our new companies will join our exporting family. Thus, we will catch a continuous and permanent increase.”

The Turkish E-commerce Summit, held under the auspices of the Ministry of economy and with the main support of Turkish Exporter's Assembly, was held with the participation of Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci and many experienced names of the sector, hosted by TİM Head Mehmet Büyükekşi.

In the summit, through which the whole process of the sector is discussed in detail to be able to spread the awareness of e-commerce, e-commerce, e-export, e-transformation and integration along with the e-commerce branding, digital marketing and SEO was discussed in the panels and conferences. 

In his speech, TİM Head Mehmet Büyükekşi said that the progress of technological developments and the widespread use of internet has given a great impetus to global trade and according to World Trade Organization, global trade has increased by an annual average of 7 percent in the last 15 years. Büyükekşi added, “In this period, in which the rules of trade are rewritten, Turkey should never be stay behind. Today, the number of customers you can access in a trade delegation or a fuard is limited. But only an e-commerce site, you will have the opportunity to introduce your products to millions of potential customer.”


Turkey's Online Shopping Potential is High

Büyükekşi who pointed out that two countries that had the highest increase in online shopping rate last year were India and Turkey, also emphasized, “ Our potential on this field is quite high. As representatives of 67 thousand exporters, we are striving to increase our exports further. Moving from here, we want our companies to take more space in their e-commerce portals in order tı catch up with the requirements of the times. E-commerce will not only allow our exporters to reach new markets but also we will see the leap in the exports of our current exporters and will join the export family of our new companies. Thus, we will achieve a continuous and permanent increase.” Underlining that the government has provided great support to the exporters in e-commerce, Büyükekşi pointed out that “Now our exporters can join the world's famous e-commerce sites by paying only 20 percent of their membership costs.”

In the panel, which is on e-commerce supports, and which is moderated TİM secretary general Dr. Halil Bader Arslan and held in the summit, E-Glober CEO Orkan Aytulun, Kompass Executive Vice president Mehmet Pişkin, Chairman of Turkish Exporter Ali Gazel took part as a speaker.