Turkey's export reached 11 billion 866 million dollars in April

Turkey's export reached 11 billion 866 million dollars in April with an increase by 4 per cent when compared to last year's figures same month, according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Thus, Turkey's export has marked an increase by 6.7 per cent in 2017, which has been declared as Turkey's breakthrough year. Total export over the last twelve months amounted to 145 billion 656 million dollars, which shows an increase by 4 per cent in comparison to the preceding year.       

The Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Mehmet BUYUKEKSI, commented upon recent export figures: “In this period, we witnessed an increase in exports both above and below the average as a result of the calendar effects. April is among those months with a negative calendar effect and hence, our increase in exports fell below the average. Besides, Turkey's shift of focus to the referendum in the first half of his month is another factor limiting our increase.

The Chairman further added: “Turkey left a very important referendum behind. Turkish citizens have freely chosen their future. From now on, Turkey's attention will shift to the economy. As the uncertainties surrounding the referendum are over, we are expecting a surge in our economy. We believe that the support given to the exporters and investors by our government will have a strong impact on Turkey's exports.”  

Steel, automotive, mining, and jewellery sectors play a bigger role in April's increase. Steel products, with an increase by 326 million dollars, account for the biggest rise pro rata in industrial sectors. Increases in other sectors are as follows: automotive sector is by 253 million dollars, mining by 112 million dollars, jewellery by 100 million dollars. Exports in agricultural products fell by 1.3%. On the other hand, the decrease in apparel sector by 11.1% have a restraining impact on April's increase in exports.

If the export performance in the first four months of 2017 is further elaborated upon, it is seen that automotive sector plays the leading role with an increase by 1.7 billion dollars in the total rise of 4.5 billion dollars. Steel and chemical sectors follow that of automotive. Steel products' export reached 4 billion dollars with an increase by 43% and chemical products' export amounted to 5.3 billion dollars with an increase by 17%. Apparel sector's export fell below its performance that of last year.    

Mr. BUYUKEKSI stated that Turkish companies have exported to 252 countries since the beginning of 2017. He said: “Our export to EU countries, which are Turkey's main trading partners, have marked an increase by 3.2%. Turkish companies export to Northern America also grew by 28.7%. Our export to African states fell by 5.8% in April. Turkey's export to Canada, UAE, and Malta have a dramatic rise. Following the increase by 5.4% this month, our export to Russia have grew by 29.4% since January”.   

47 cities witnessed an increase in their exports while 33 cities reported a decrease. Sakarya has a significant rise by 179.3% to reach 1.7 billion dollars since January. Likewise, Elazığ's export have a tremendous increase by 375.1% in April.

Mr. BUYUKEKSI also said that TIM will remain committed to the image campaign of Turkey. This campaign is a dynamic one in which many more CEOs will take part in the future.  

Mr. BUYUKEKSI reflected on Turkey's relations with the EU. Mr. Chairman regarded the decisions taken and the comments made at times by the officials in the EU countries as disappointing. He told that the EU is the biggest trade partner of Turkey and we see EU as an institution to build a common future. We have made inroads into updating the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU. We do not expect the political tensions to have a negative impact on our trade with the EU countries.    

Finally, Mr. Chairman congratulated all workers on May 1. He said that “Our workers play a significant role in Turkey's progress. I wish a peaceful day full of solidarity on this day!”