Turkey's exports increased by 15.8% in May, reaching 12 billion 472 million dollars!

Turkish Exporters' Assembly announced May 2017 export figures with a press conference held at Arçelik's R&D center, Arçelik Garage. Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy was also present at the conference.

Turkey's exports increased by 15.8% in May, reaching 12 billion 472 million dollars, bringing first 5 months' increase to 10% with a total of 63.15 billion dollars.

The Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Mehmet Buyukeksi, commented upon recent export figures: “Turkey's exports has been increasing for 7 months in a row since November and we are really proud about to start 2017, which has been declared as Turkey's breakthrough year, with a stable increase in exports. We expect net exports to contribute positively to growth in 2017 Q1.”

The Chairman further added details about export figures: “In May, EU's share in our exports was 48.7% and Turkey's exports to EU increased by 2.8 billion dollars in the first five months. Among the top 20 countries in our exports, the greatest increase was at Russia with 73.4%.”

In May, 62 cities increased their exports while 18 cities exports dropped. Top performer was Sakarya with a rise by 237%. Commenting on the sharp increase in Sakarya's exports, Buyukeksi told: “Latest automotive investments in Sakarya contributed greatly to the city's exports. In the first five months of the year, about 25% of the export increase was due to this.”

Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci also spoke at the conference: “2017 exports will meet the 153 billion dollars target and surpass it, maybe even reach historic levels. Another target for 2017 is to push export/import ratio to 90% and eventually reach 100% in the medium term.”