DEAR COUNTERPARTS; First of all,  I would like to mention our export figure announcement activity held by us, as TİM, in Sivas due to the 100th anniversary of Sivas Congress. 100 years later, once again, Turkey is in the middle of regional and global risks. Today we are fighting a similar one to the War of Independence we won 100 years ago. This time, our nation is clamped for the survival of our state. Today's victory is very important for the next 100 years of our country. This time, the victory will be won with production, employment, and export. In order to underline this fact and to keep alive the spirit of Sivas Congress, we announced the export data for August in Sivas. The support given and the interest shown proved the correctness of our decision. We are proud of our nation and history once again. Of course, it is necessary to put forward the concrete steps of the successes to be achieved through exports.

The most important of these steps is to increase our share in the US market radically. In the context of the Trade Wars, this goal is closer than ever. The goal is to increase our trade volume with the US to USD 100 billion. During the business visit of US Secretary of Trade Wilbur Ross to Turkey, we have made very intensive contacts that put this potential at the  center together with our Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, our Deputy Minister Tuna Turagay and our foreign trade bureaucracy. In the three of the five days that Wilbur Ross was in Turkey; we, as TİM, had very valuable working meetings with the US Trade Minister and his team.

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan met with Wilbur Ross and continued her contacts also during the last visit of our President to the USA. Turkey has a global brand like Turkish Airlines in hand. This big brand is one of the values that will shorten distances for the exporter on the way to the US and open the doors of the USA.

I would like to reiterate that we, as TİM, are open to all kinds of cooperation regarding export finance and logistics. Targets ahead of exports are our national targets. 

TİM is an institution that acts with this perception. Export Master Plan is a plan prepared also with this perception. With 5 sectors, 17 target countries, all the pioneering projects of the age such as technology greenhouses and blockchain technology were brought together with the Export Master Plan. TIM has set a timetable for the progress of this plan step by step. Together with all of our stakeholders, we will strive to achieve measurable tangible results adhering to the plan. Again in September, one of the events that made us very happy was Teknofest. Teknofest is a unique event. There is no better organization to bring our young population together with the technology of the future.

We, as TİM, also took part in TEKNOFEST with TİM Tent where İnovaTİM, İnoSuit, İnovaLİG, TİM-TEB Venture Houses projects were exhibited. Besides, our Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank paid a very valuable visit to our tent. I believe that we have made strong participation focusing on innovation. We gave young brains messages of opportunities we are ready to create. We were fueled with their energy.

As TİM, representative of 85 thousand exporters, our target is to be a Turkey creating, producing, and exporting the technology and to deliver the quality of Turkish goods to the whole world. Teknofest is a very good springboard for this. On behalf of our country, we thank everyone who contributed.