Despite The Waves Our Course Will Not Change

The course of global trede has neverbeen so volatile and uncertain in history. The US-China trade wars deeply affect the entire world, from emerging markets to giant corporations. After the Brexit, everyone is wondering what kind of future awaits the European Union, which is our biggest market. Within this period, Turkey has had strong, stable and sustainable political relations with the entire world, which positively affects our foreign trade. We see that our government handles political relations in a way that contributes to trade. Persuading countries having political disagreements with Turkey to separate commercial subjects from politics is our expectation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as exporters. Taking the processes that Brexit will bring into consideration, it is inevitable to renew the Customs Union.

This will strengthen our presence in the EU market, increase our market diversity and lead us to new trade relations. In the balancing process of the economy, our exporters also do their part and continue to break records every month. Our export showed an increase of 8.3 percent in July and reached the historical record of the Republic with $16 billion. As the only umbrella organization of the exporter - TİM (Turkish Exporters Assembly), we are aware of our duties and continue to work without slowing down. Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak who came to visit our Assembly in the last month, once again stated that  they always stand by the exporters. During the meeting with the Minister, we had the opportunity to directly convey the problems and demands of exporters. We discussed the activities and projects of TİM. I would like to express our great satisfaction with this visit. With our more than 83 thousand exporters, we continue to wave our country's flag all over the world. We fully believe that we will carry the exports to better points with the support of our Minister.

Moving our export target, which was 182 billion dollars at the end of this year, to 230 billion dollars in 2023, is our critical priority. For 2030, we will continue to run for $ 400 billion. As TİM, we walk confidently to our goals in line with our 'Powerful Turkey, a Strong Economy, Strong Export, Powerful Human Resources, Strong Infrastructure, and Export Ecosystem' vision. The 11th Ambassadors Conference held in Ankara in August was also very meaningful for us in order to convey the priorities of exporters. It is of great importance that our ambassadors  wage a struggle for the problems experienced by our exporters. We carry out our export targets with entry and retention strategies for the country and product-based markets. If nextgeneration incentives are added to the new investment and generation models, it is possible for us to move our exports to much more advanced levels.

Today, in 223 countries, we are striving to carry our country brand and perception to even better levels with our export items reaching $180 billion and export services reaching $50 billion. In addition to our existing export products in our traditional export markets, EU, Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa, we have added products such as climatization, ornamental plants, jewelry, and electronics. While the steel and machinery sectors in South America, one of our emerging markets, have achieved success, we show up in the Far East with food and water products. However, it is clear that we have more ways to go. We can turn political approaches on issues such as trade wars, Brexit and duty-free Africa into commercial successes. We can fill the area left by China in the US market and move to a new phase with both the UK and EU countries. In Africa, there are also great opportunities waiting for us. As TİM, in line with “Powerful Turkey” vision, we believe we can meet what is expected of us. Although the world trade fluctuates, Turkey will continue on its way without deviating from the route.