Let 2020 Be The Year of TİM, The Year of You

Export family that carries our industry on its back, never comes to the fore with problems and excuses but with solutions and records…



In the first days of a brand-new year, we are bringing you our January issue with great hopes. We will share the records Turkey's export broke, in the first days of January, then we will explain you the story of this record at great length proudly in our next issue.

2020 will be the year of Turkey's return to the growth period it is accustomed to. It will be the beginning year of the age of technology. It will be the year that the goal of domestic and national development is fully revealed.

TİM determined its strategy in accordance with this dedicated and focused strategy of Turkey.

First, I want to start by announcing a new implementation about this.

With the cooperation of TİM Project and Digital Transformation Office and Presidential Digital Transformation Office, exporters can now make inquiry and verification of membership of the union through e-Government Gateway. Exporters will be able to use the document that they can receive from the e-Government whenever they need it, as an additional document for consultancy and banking transactions, as a marketplace registration document and for bilateral business meetings.

For this, our companies will not even have to get up from their seats. e-transformation and e-compliance process will continue uninterruptedly at TİM.

I invite all our members to the digital world of TİM. You will love this e-world as you know it and you will benefit from TİM more efficiently.


Dear Colleagues,

Another issue that shows that TİM is working in harmony with our Ministry of Trade and our Presidency in a common strategy is the improvements to the green passport. I would like to thank Minister Ruhsar Pekcan from here as well. She gave great efforts to reduce the export amount of USD 1 million to USD 500 thousand to get a green passport and the validity period to be increased to 4 years. Mr. President also listened to this voice and doubled our motivation. It is our duty to respond with new exports to this gesture.

All exporters rejoice. May it return as good and successful exports.


Dear exporters of Turkey,

Our friends that carry our industry on their backs, never come to the fore with problems, excuses but with solutions and records.

Fortunately, our country adds the energy of the service sector to the great power of the industry. Turkey is setting big goals, no smaller than the goals of the industry, in the service sector. Turkey's 500 Top Service Exporters Performance that we started as TİM was carried out by the Service Exporters Association this year. Our President, who spares time in every place and to everything, was among us that day to support the big targets of the sector. Service Exporters are an essential and integral part of TİM. We wish that their success will be permanent and we will provide all kinds of support.

Finally; I wish prosperity and peace to our country as a whole for 2020. Each of us has great responsibilities in this critical turn of the history. May God give you all strength. A beautiful future awaits us. With this belief, I greet you all with respect.