Türkiye Continues to Amaze Türkiye Rises Through National Unity

International associations and economists always consider one thing that is unique to Turkey when they announce their economic growth estimates: national unity spirit.

However, an economist should employ the characteristics of a historian, politician, and a philosopher, according to the renowned economist John Maynard Keynes. He believes that an economist should consider what is specific from a wider perspective and remark both the abstract and the concrete. According to Keynes, an economist should explore today under the past and for the interest of the future.

If the economists and associations evaluated the Turkish economy under this perspective, they could have predicted a much stronger performance.

The expectations for a decline in the Turkish economy increased in 2019 as the global trade wars and barriers jumped, but Turkey grew by 1 percent during this period. The first quarter of 2020 hit all the countries around the world. While all the strongest economies of the European Union declined, with Germany in lead, as well as the US and China, Turkish economy grew by 4.5 percent. Undoubtedly, Turkey's economy will experience a slowdown in the second quarter of the year, but it won't be overly damaging. Our exports performed above the normal in June despite the pandemic and increased by 16 percent in June, compared to the same month of the previous year. The strong growth in other indices including exports signal that Turkish economy will prove the economists wrong in their 2020 estimates.

Another point that the economists miss about Turkey is that our country has the ability of taking swift actions after every crisis. The strongest example of this argument was the aftermath of the coup attempt by FETO four years ago. This attempt strengthened the national unity spirit among the Turkish public and business world. Turkey eliminated this threat, initiated an awakening across the world, and gathered huge support from its allies across the world. This spirit came to life once again during the pandemic and Turkey continued to produce despite the outbreak. It showed that Turkey is a safe haven. The production strength of our country with our governments' strong endenization policies during the last 20 years and over 74,000 companies with foreign capital accounted for this success.

We believe time will be on our side, on Turkey's and companies that invest in these lands. Every day we see a new development that support our argument.

Just as Keynes said, the present should be considered under the past for the future interests. Turkey is a country with targets. It has the necessary production strength to reach thee targets and is open to all kinds of cooperation.

That's why, we as the Turkish Exporters Assembly invite you to be a part of our dreams.