Türkiye is a Safe Haven

While making our future forecasts, even though we consider the unpredictable risks, we can sometimes face situations that do not pass through our minds.

As you know, 2019 has not been a good year in terms of global trade and the world economy. There were predictions that the year 2020 would not be very different. As we entered the new year with these predictions, we faced a very painful situation that was not on account and influenced the whole world, Corona virus outbreak.

Unfortunately, so far, approximately 2,000 people have lost their lives due to the epidemic that started in China and spread to many countries. The city of Wuhan, where 60 million people live, was quarantined. Although scientists were mobilized to eliminate the disease and prevent the epidemic, there was no clear solution to its outbreak in the past two months. As such, the flight to China was canceled, fairs were postponed, and delays in shipping of goods began.

This situation also negatively affected global trade, where China constituted a significant share of 16 percent. In the industry of countries that are dependent on China in raw materials and intermediate materials, the wheels start to slow or stop. Global companies producing in China started to experience serious problems in product supply. For this reason, the world has accelerated the search for alternative supply centers. Türkiye has once again demonstrated that it is a safe haven. Because of the demand from China was quickly vacated the first country that comes to mind, Türkiye is among the countries able to meet those demands. Global companies set their eyes to Türkiye again.

Türkiye's biggest strengths are its ability to respond quickly to the demands of the productive forces and logistical advantages. Our manufacturers can respond quickly and proactively to the changing conditions of the world. In this respect, Türkiye is a condition in which the world will convert opportunities in exports, we think. Global companies that choose Türkiye instead of the Far East will continue to trade without a grievance.

As we always say; no one loses who trusts Türkiye. This process was an example of confirming Türkiye.

Our hope is to find a solution to the epidemic that restricts human health as soon as possible. In a short time, we want people to return to their normal daily life and the normal flow of trade.

I would like to express once more, as Turkish Exporters Assembly we are ready to support China in every way we can in this dire struggle. Our priority is and always human.

Türkiye is a country that embraces the losses of the occupying forces, a country of tolerance.

We invite you to Gallipoli on March 18, where we will celebrate the 105th anniversary of our Çanakkale Victory, where you can see our tolerance and friendship.