We Returned From This Journey of Heart With Pride

DEAR COLLEAGUES; the most important aspect of our nation is no doubt the ability to gather round around the idea of patriotism in dismal times. Thank goodness, with this characteristic of our nation, our state's future will stand firmly. From the old to the young, from our metropolises to the most remote village, every single one of our citizens acts with a collective courage and foresight. This great nation is facing yet another survival matter on the on the eve of our Republic's 100th anniversary. We are not afraid of the future. As long as God allows, we implicitly trust our government, our people and ourselves.

Turkey has a lot more power than it is paid credit for. As a representative of Turkey's import family, we've taken action to use our force on behalf of our government and people. With the slogan of “Our troops are the backbone of our unity” we've dispatched our support team. This is an operation of heart. 61 import unions in 7 regions declared that they are part of this. Import unions did the necessary thing as worthy of their names. Being backed by the Turkish Red Crescent, which we are grateful for, we've sent our support convoy of 35 trucks from Gaziantep to the zone of the ongoing operation. We wanted to deliver the compassionate of our nation to the local people, especially the youth who are our future. While we were travelling to the zone of operation, 35 trucks full of clothes, emergency needs and food went right before us. Our companies are active. Our customs, our R&D centers, our banks are open and working as always. Our exporters continue to produce and to compete with others. They earn and help others earn as well. But today is the day to take a break from our businesses, to leave our own troubles aside and to consider our people's troubles as our own.

I would like to thank our governor of Gaziantep Davut Gül, our mayor and my beloved friend Fatma Şahin, the chairman of Turkish Red Crescent Kerem Kınık and our own assembly leaders who said “Delivering goods are not enough, we have to go there as well” and also to our 85.000 members: A heartfelt thank you to all of you. We are on this path of heart. Our phones didn't stop ringing when we said we are willing to participate with a support convoy. We experienced very emotional moments. We were living the pride of suiting up and stepping to the mission that our nation required from us. Our municipal mayors, district governors and military officials supported us throughout this journey. Gaziantep, Kilis, Akçakale and Ceylanpınar…

We brought our greetings to every place we stepped in. We were planning to provide morale to our beloved soldiers (Mehmetçik) but they boosted our morale. We saw how the people in need stood firm against the odds and we took pride in it. It is the reality of our time and the age we live in. There is an unnamed war being waged at our gates. Friends and foes are mixed with each other. This price is ours to bear. No one can shut their eyes to what our citizens are experiencing in the border towns. No one can retreat to their comfortable safe zone. We made a vow 100 years ago. We said every bit of this land's soil is our honor. Everybody should do anything they can to be stick by this vow. Fortunately, our people remember this vow as if it was made yesterday. Dear colleagues, we brought your greetings and your support to there and we bring their greetings and thanks back to you.

TİM family did what was necessary and suitably to its capabilities. This is not a charity work but a national debt and duty. We know this debt cannot be paid with 35 trucks but it was a huge honor to show our support. This honor belongs to each and every one of our 85 members. This honor belongs to our field workers; producing, competing and creating solutions without a complaint. This month we didn't have rates and interests in our agenda. When it is the homeland, the rest is a specialty.