With the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and collaboration between our Assembly and the Turkish Airlines, a trade delegation to Cameroon/Douala comprising 20 businessmen/businesswomen will be organized by our Assembly between 13-16 August 2018

Aiming at increasing our market share and generating new business and investment opportunities for both countries, the participation of companies operating in the following sectors as producers/ exporters and conforming to international standards, is recommended. The related sectors are: building materials, machinery and parts, agricultural machinery, garments and textiles, energy, food and agricultural products, sugar and chocolate products, fruit juices, iron and steel, furniture-wood and forestry products, electrical and electronics, aluminum, glass and ceramics products, medical and medical products, automotive and supply industry.

In this context, companies willing to participate are kindly requested to apply through the following internet link by Thursday, 12 July 2018 by the close of business and deposit the participation fee.  

The above mentioned participation fee consists of 1.100 Euros, and covers expenses such as flight tickets, accommodation, visa fees, meetings, transfers and translators. The said amount is required be deposited to the account of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) at Vakifbank Güneşli Commercial Branch (Branch Code 1248) IBAN no. TR93 0001 5001 5804 8000 9634 35, and is non-refundable if the application is cancelled after the airplane tickets are bought and hotel reservations are confirmed.  The receipt related to the payment should be sent to the e-mail address (Tel. 0212 454 00 96).

Timely and complete applications as well as payments made before the above mentioned deadline is of utmost importance for the preparation of a delegation of quality that meets expectations.


Appendix: Draft Program


Detailed Information:

Beste COŞKUNER (Tel: 0212 454 00 96;   E-posta: )

Abdullah KESKİN  (Tel: 0212 454 04 87;   E-posta: