Export Record for the Sale of Fruit and Vegetables To The World

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle: We Expect a Record Also This Year

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman İsmail Gülle said that despite the conditions of the pandemic, annual exports of fruit and vegetable products increased by 8.8 percent to $1 billion 683 million, breaking a record. Emphasizing that the sector has been able to increase its exports in 10 of the 12 months, İsmail Gülle said, “The 5 countries, where we export the most, Germany, the United States, Iraq, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, became. As long as we maintain this momentum, we will complete 2021 with new records.”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization of 100,000 exporters with 27 sectors, is working to strengthen the “Made in Türkiye” brand in all over the world. Despite all the difficulties experienced due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Turkish exporter, which reached the highest quarterly figure in the history of the Republic in 2020, exported to 226 countries and regions. The Fruit and Vegetable Products sector, which is one of the 6 sectors that broke records year-on-year in 2020, set a record with 1 billion 684 million dollars of exports despite the contraction in global demands.

Exports as far as Kenya and Mexico

Exporters sold fruit and vegetable products to many countries around the world, from Kenya to India, from Japan to Mexico and Chile. The sector exported the most to Germany with $268.7 million. Exports of fruit and vegetable juices increased by 24 percent to $323 million and fruit and vegetable preserves exports increased by 10 percent to $792 million. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who drew attention to the success of the sector at the meeting of the sector Board of Fruit and Vegetable Products held online, said “We need to maintain the same pace in 2021 and even increase it even more.” Gülle also stated that Russia increased the quota of tomatoes imported from Türkiye by 50,000 tons to 250,000 tons. “We will continue to fight the tariff and non-tariff barriers faced by our exporter without slowing down.” he said.

Strong performance in target countries

Emphasizing that in 2020, the Fruit and Vegetable Products sector exported more than half of its exports to 5 countries, Gülle said: These countries; Germany, the United States, Iraq, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom... Our sector has also managed to increase its trade volume in some countries where it exports more than $1 million. Exports to Mexico increased by 285 percent to $1.1 million, Croatia increased by 195 percent to $1.2 million, Algeria increased by 160 percent to $1.2 million and Chile increased by 128 percent to $3.3 million.

We have performed strongly in many alternative markets such as Chile, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan, which are among our target countries. We need to focus on other target markets like these countries. "

“We will finish this year with new records”

Underlining that there was an increase in 4 sub-goods groups in December, İsmail Gülle said, “When we look at the export of sub-commodity groups of the Fruit and Vegetable Products sector; Compared to 2019, our exports in fruit and vegetable juices increased by 24 percent to $323 million, fruit and vegetable preserves increased by 10 percent to $792 million, frozen and dried fruit vegetables increased by 7 percent to $243 million. I believe that as long as we maintain this momentum in fruit and vegetable products, we will finish this year with new records.

Top 5 Exported Countries in 2020

1. Germany: $268.7 million

2. The USA: $208.2 million

3. Iraq: $171.1 million

4. The Netherlands: $123.1 million

5. The United Kingdom: $119.2 million

Total Export of Fruit and Vegetable Products Sector by Month (2020)

January: 131.9 million dollars

February: 126,8 million dollars

March: 162.2 million dollars

April: 143.6 million dollars

May: 100.1 million dollars

June: 112.6 million dollars

July: 124.2 million dollars

August: 130.6 million dollars

September: 166.8 million dollars

October: 168.6 million dollars

November: 164.5 million dollars

December: 151.4 million dollars

Countries with the Highest Increase in Exports in 2020 (among countries where exports are more than $1 million in 2020)

1. Mexico: $1.1 million-up 285.41 percent

2. Croatia: $1.2 million-up 194.72 percent

3. Algeria: $1.2 million-up 160.45 percent

4. Chile: $3.3 million-up 127.68 percent

5. Czech: $9.5 million-up 110.11 percent


Exports to target countries in 2021


1. Iraq: $171.1 million

2. Russian Federation: $10.4 million

3. The United Kingdom: $119.2 million

4. Japan: $27.6 million

5. People's Republic of China: $23.3 million

6. Republic of South Korea: $36.2 million

7. Chile: $3.3 million

8. Uzbekistan: $0.7 million

9. Morocco: $1.3 million

10. Malaysia: $4.4 million

11. India: $1.2 million

12. Republic of South Africa: $0.7 million