Power of Design Will Increase The Value-Added Unit Price to $2


"Design Week Türkiye 2021", Türkiye's most comprehensive design event, which was traditionalized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), has started. The goal of Türkiye, which ranked 7th on the scoreboard, is to reach the top 5 in the Global Design Rankings, leaving behind countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Canada.

According to the results of the first 1000 exporters survey, the unit export value of companies with design centers is 3 times more valuable than non-existent companies. Noting that there are a total of 342 design centers in Türkiye, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “We will increase the number of design centers. Hopefully, we will increase our export unit value to 2 dollars by 2030.”

The 5th edition of “Design Week Türkiye 2021”, Türkiye's most comprehensive design event, has started today (December 17) at Haliç Congress Center. Within the framework of the event; There will be 12 panels and conferences, more than 60 speakers, more than 20 exhibitions, installations, and workshops. Trade Minister Mehmet Muş and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman İsmail Gülle opened "Design Week Türkiye 2021", which will feature world-renowned designers and speakers.

Underlining that the countries branded by their designs stand out in the global competition, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "Our country has risen to 7th place in the global design index rankings this year with consecutive awards, beating countries such as Germany, South Korea, Russia, and Singapore with a score of 1917 based on the overall score. That is a very valuable achievement. That is a clear indication that we have taken strength from design. Our goal is to further this success with stronger products and stronger brands in the coming period. Hopefully, we will see the reflections of these achievements in our value-added export in the future."

Businesses with a design center generate more added value

Gülle stated that the study carried out within the scope of the first 1000 exporters survey once again showed the importance of design in export. We have a total of 342 design centers in our country. By rapidly increasing this number to even higher; hopefully we will increase our export unit value to $2 by 2030."

İstanbul will be the center of design in the world

Noting that they focus on Design Week Türkiye, Gülle also stated that TİM's "Design İstanbul" project works are continuing rapidly. Giving detailed information about the project, Gülle shared the following information: "We have prepared a project in which we directly reflect all the gains we have gained from Design Week Türkiye. Within the scope of the Design İstanbul project, we discussed our work in a wide perspective, from design competitions to the establishment of design streets, from the Design İstanbul museum to the creation of innovative workspaces. With the project, in addition to making İstanbul an important design destination in the world, we aim to improve the export of creative industries by increasing the export of design products. In addition, we will take the pulse of the design world with Design Ist talks with important designers from around the world throughout the year."

The Design will turn into added value

Saying that now there is a Türkiye which designs, imagines, produces these dreams, and exports them to all corners of the world", TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “We aim to contribute to this valuable design ecosystem with Design Week Türkiye and to further develop this culture in the country.

Noting that they support all designers who do not settle for what exists and dare to do, even more, Gülle said, "Because we believe wholeheartedly that we will create added value with them and develop with them. With our recent rising export figures, we see clearly; We are closer than ever to our goal of 'Türkiye Giving a Foreign Trade Surplus'. For this, we need to accurately determine how to create sustainable export and added value. Today, the way to increase sustainable export is through value-added production. The way of value-added production is R&D, innovation, brand, and design. Today, we consider the design from these four important elements. As TİM, we believe that Türkiye will rise with export and export will rise with design."

45 companies won design awards

The program continued with the "Design Türkiye Industrial Design Awards" after the opening speeches. A total of 45 companies were awarded at the ceremony; eight companies won the 'Outstanding Design' award, and 37 companies won the 'Good Design' award. Arçelik was the most awarded company with eight awards.