Record Attendance in “Design Week Türkiye”


Design Week Türkiye 2021, organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) in Haliç Congress Center on December 17-18 in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce, reached the highest number of participants to date with 85,715 visitors. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “The fact that Design Week Türkiye reaches more people every year is the biggest motivation for us. We were also happy to encounter the intense interest of our young people. We believe in the power of design to make our export success sustainable. We are continuing our work on the Design İstanbul project, which will also contribute significantly to the branding journey of our country. In addition to making İstanbul an important design destination in the world, we aim to improve the export of creative industries by increasing the export of design products."

Design Week Türkiye 2021 (Türkiye Tasarım Haftası 2021) organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) to create a design culture with the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce and introduce the designers in Türkiye to the world has ended. There was great interest in the event, which hosted world-famous designers as speakers in İstanbul.

Mentioning that, they carried out an extraordinary program with sessions covering many issues in Design Week Türkiye, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "It is very important we grow by hosting more and more people each year, and to turn İstanbul, one of the world's leading metropolises, into a design capital. Design Week Türkiye, which has welcomed more than 180 thousand visitors to date, reaches more people every year is the biggest motivator for us. We were also happy to encounter the intense interest of our young people. We believe in the power of design to make our export success sustainable. We are also working to implement a new project that will contribute significantly to our country's branding journey. In this context, we will organize an international organization where we will bring together all our activities for fashion and design. With this project, where design and fashion will be discussed throughout the year, we want to transform İstanbul into a global design center at the international level. In addition, we aim to improve the export of creative industries by increasing the export of design products."

"Design Week will make a significant contribution to our export"

Noting that the Design Week Türkiye 2021 event was attended by valuable participants and that companies and individuals who succeeded in design were awarded, Gülle continued: "This year, the interest in Design Week Türkiye was so intense that we were very excited while preparing for this important project that our companies, designers, and young people are looking forward to. Valuable national and international names, veterans of our sector came together to support this design ecosystem. We held the Design Türkiye Industrial Design Award ceremony by saying that talent is subject to compliments. 37 designers received the Good Design Award, and eight designers received the Superior Design Award. In addition, we held ceremonies of İstanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Associations 2020, 2021 Industrial Design Competition, and 10th Industrial Architecture Natural Stone Design Competition of İstanbul Mineral Exporters Associations. Our award-winning designs are already among our important export items. Other successful designs will be commercialized as soon as possible, adding value to our export. I believe that all these activities that we have carried out throughout two days will make an important contribution to our country and export in the coming period."

Every area touched by the design met with young people

At the Design Week Türkiye 2021 event, 12 panels and conferences, more than 60 speakers, more than 20 exhibitions, installations, and workshops met with the participants. Keynote speakers this year included World Design Organization (WDO) President Srini Srinivasan, WDO Board Member Thomas Garvey, Architect and Designer Alessandro Colombo, world-renowned designers Hakan Akkaya, Aslı Filinta, and many veterans of the design community.

Important issues related to value-added export were discussed in the "Industrial Design in R&D and Technology" panel. In the "Environment and Sustainability in Design" panel, also it was discussed important issues such as the impact of design on human harmony with nature, which will raise awareness in the world struggling with the climate crisis today. In the panels of "Traces of Design in Branding" and "The Place of Strategic Design in the Corporate World", it was emphasized that design is very important not only in products but also in terms of Institutionalism and branding.

During design week, a special place was also allocated for urban planning and architecture. In the "Traces of Architectural Design in Cities" panel, it was stated that the design is decisive in the areas we live in as well as the products we use. In the panel "Fashion Design from Türkiye to the World", it was discussed design in fashion. In the panel of "The Power and Effects of Design in the World", the design was discussed from a wide perspective. The gaming sector, which has made significant contributions to service export and the 'Made in Türkiye' brand in recent times, was deeply discussed in the design week this year. Also, in the panel of “The PlayMaker", it was discussed the design, which is the most important fact for the commercialization of the virtual world.