TİM Chairman Gülle: The First Stop Of Our Virtual Delegations Under the New Generation Trade Diplomacy is Uzbekistan

Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) starts its Virtual Trade Delegations program, which was created with the objective to reduce the effects of COVID-19 on exports, with Uzbekistan on 13-15 May. After Uzbekistan, Kenya, India and South Korea will be on the route. İsmail GÜLLE, Chairman of TİM, said “We continue our activities within the scope of our mission to increase our country's exports and offer solutions to our exporters. In order to minimize the negative effects of the epidemic on our country's exports and the market losses suffered by our exporter companies, we start our virtual delegations with the coordination of our Ministry of Trade. We also plan to realize the virtual fairs for all sectors in July.

With its 61 Exporters' Associations, 27 sectors and more than 95.000 exporter companies, TİM, which is the only umbrella organization of export in Türkiye, adds new action plans to those it set for the exporters affected by COVID-19. The first Virtual Trade Delegation, which will be organized to Uzbekistan on 13-15 May aiming at holding qualified bilateral business meetings (B2B) by bringing Turkish exporters and foreign importers together, will consist of agricultural food, agricultural machinery, cold storage and food packaging sectors. Expressing that they have taken these steps in the framework of “New Generation Trade Diplomacy” activities and with the aim of preventing further negative consequences on the exporters, Gülle said “As TİM and Exporters' Associations, we are planning to hold 202 trade delegations this year. In line with this goal, we started to work in a virtual environment in a hinterland, starting from Africa and the Middle East and extending from Central Asia to the Far East, regardless of the obstacles caused by the global epidemic. Based on our analysis, we contacted our Trade Counselors and Attachés in 28 countries with a maximum of 3 hours time difference among 45 target and priority countries determined by our Ministry for 2020. We have identified possible countries. South Korea was included in the list by excluding the time difference criterion due to its positive status with the measures in the Covid-19 process and being the target market in the sector.”

High Demand From Exporters

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TİM, said “After Uzbekistan, we will continue our Virtual Trade Delegations to Kenya on 27-29 May in the food and non-food fast moving consumer goods sectors, to India on 15-19 June in agriculture, food non-food fast consumption products, agricultural machinery, cold storage and air conditioning sectors. On June 23rd, we will continue our Virtual Trade Delegations with South Korea in the plastic and metal kitchenware, glass and ceramic household items, home / bathroom products and home textile sectors. We are planning to continue our virtual trade delegations with Nigeria, Germany, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.” Gülle continued his speech by saying “There is a high demand from our exporters in this process. As TİM, we have adopted the mission to increase the export of our country and always offer a solution to our exporters. It is our greatest hope to overcome this process by minimizing the negative effects of the epidemic on our country's exports and the market losses suffered by our exporting companies.”

Virtual Fairs Will Be Launched in July

Expressing that a lot of fairs in all sectors, producing worldwide economic value for 325 billion dollars, have been either cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, Gülle said “The number of fairs that could take place in the first three months of the year is only 214 of 878 fairs listed and supported by the Ministry. Additionally, analyzing the data of fairs in service sector, we see that only %15 of all 1019 fairs have been completed during the mentioned period of time. This situation deepens the crisis in the supply chain and prevents the gaps in the chain to be filled with new collaborations. As TİM, we aim to enable the marketing of products and services and the development of new collaborations by bringing together participants and visitors operating anywhere in the world with the virtual fair platform we will develop. We are working at full speed and planning to launch the virtual fairs for all sectors in July.”