Virtual Landing Operation From the Carpet Sector To Australia


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman İsmail Gülle emphasized that the exports of more than $2 billion 600 million made by the carpet sector in 2020 were the highest annual carpet exports of all time and that sector exports reached $236 million in January with an increase of 6.4 percent. Gülle, “Even though we are the world's largest exporter with close to 30 percent share in the sector, we have to keep our targets higher. I believe that our carpet sector, which contributes greatly to our foreign trade targets, will reach its $5 billion export target quickly in the next few years.”

In 2020, the carpet sector, which is one of the 6 sectors that broke records on a yearly basis, exported 2 billion 605 million dollars; It has sold products to 172 countries and regions from Tanzania to Colombia, Brazil to Australia. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who spoke at the opening program of the 'Australian Virtual Trade Delegation' as part of the carpet sector, organized by Carpet Exporters Association with the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce, said, “In recent years, our carpet exporters continue to make us proud with their export records by increasing their share in the imports of different geographies, as well as their exports to traditional markets.”

In 2020, the exports of more than $2 billion 600 million, carried out by our sector's, were the highest annual carpet exports of all time. Also, in January, exports of the sector increased by 6.4 percent to $236 million. Our exports that carried out by the southeast Anatolian Carpet Exporters Association increased by 12 percent to 168 million dollars. Despite the negative effects of the pandemic, our sector recovered in a very short time and turned its exports positive direction as of September-October period. Under this success, we see that it is effective for our sector to significantly increase its exports to many emerging markets.”

“Our carpet exports to Australia increased by 81 percent year-on-year”

“Even though we are the world's largest exporter with close to 30 percent share in the sector, we have to keep our goals higher. I believe that our carpet sector, which contributes greatly to our foreign trade targets, will reach its $5 billion export target quickly in the next few years.

In 2020, exports of our carpet sector increased by 71 percent to Chad, 43 percent to Kenya, and 37 percent to Mauritania and Malaysia. In 2020, Australia was among the countries where our sector's exports increased the most. Our carpet exports to Australia amounted to $29.8 million in 2020, an 81 percent year-on-year increase. (2019: $16.5 million). The highest increase in proportion to Australia was also caught by our carpet industry. We see that our carpet sellers have achieved a nice boost in the region. With the virtual trade delegation taking place today, I believe that this trend will be strengthened even more. Despite the changing technology, carpet has become modern in all eras and has always remained up to date. From the first carpet, which was weaved by the Huns, to today, our industry has carried a tradition of hundreds of years, which has evolved in every era and passed down from generation to generation. In fact, it can be said that carpet is a gift of Turks to world civilization. Today, from İstanbul to Adana; from Gaziantep to Hereke, each of our regions decorates the shops, stylish hotels, and luxury residences of luxury brands in all corners of the world with its quality carpets from each other.

Top 10 countries with the most exports in carpet sector in 2020

The USA: 932 million 355 thousand dollars

Saudi Arabia: 265 million 185 thousand dollars

Germany: 141 million 457 thousand dollars

The United Kingdom: 124 million 497 thousand dollars

Iraq: 110 million dollars

Egypt: 79 million 453 thousand dollars

The United Arab Emirates: 68 million 302 thousand dollars

Libya: 59 million 446 thousand dollars

Kuwait: 37 million 29 thousand dollars

Israel: 37 million dollars

Top 10 exporting cities in 2020

Gaziantep: 1 billion 848 million 599 thousand dollars

İstanbul: 563 million 506 thousand dollars

Uşak: 57 million 921 thousand dollars

Bursa: 24 million dollars

Kayseri: 18 million 83 thousand dollars

Denizli: 16 million 273 thousand dollars

Düzce: 11 million 506 thousand dollars

Isparta: 11 million 396 thousand dollars

Kocaeli: 10 million 185 thousand dollars

Ankara: 9 million 957 thousand dollars

Number of exporters on the rise

In 2000, 1,223 different Turkish exporter companies exported 300 million dollars in total and an average of 245.4 thousand dollars per company in the carpet sector. 

The number of exporter companies increased to 4,094 in 2018 and their exports increased to 2.26 billion dollars.

The average export per exporter was $553.2 thousand.

2019 comparison

In 2019, the number of exporter companies was 4,514 and their exports were $2.53 billion.

Average exports per exporter company increased to $561.5 thousand.

According to 2000-2019 data, 19,588 different companies exported, while on average, $1.34 billion was exported each year. Exports per exporter company were $537.2 thousand. In the carpet market of approximately $15 billion, our carpet exporters rank second behind China in global carpet supply with a share of 13.7 percent according to 2019 data.