İnoSuit - Innovation Focused Mentorship Program

Innovation Focused Mentorship Program as a University – Industry Cooperation aims at sustainably increasing innovation management competence, constituting and strengthening innovation management infrastructure, designing and adopting institutional innovation system at firm level.

Goals of the Program

During 12 months Program in the selected firms;

  1. Building of Institutional Innovation System with a systematic, holistic and target-oriented approach
  2. Creating of strategic, organizational and cultural infrastructure as well as instructions, which would cultivate the processes and results of innovation
  3. Actualisation of innovation projects in products, processes, organizational settlements or marketing activities
  4. Enabling innovative works and investments to make sustainable effect on and systemic operation of as well as monitorability of competitiveness
  5. Enabling sustainably increasing innovation management competency to make increase export figures
  6. Strengthening the university – industry cooperation on the subject of innovation management
  7. Deepening the experience of universities on scientific knowledge, research and practice on the subject of innovation management


Operational Plan Framework

The activities within the scope of the program consist of 10 phases;

  1. Phase: Pre-assessment, analysis and determining the road map
  2. Phase: Launching institutional innovation system project and forming common language as well as common sense
  3. Phase: Designing of innovation organization and directives as well as defining processes
  4. Phase: Integration of innovation and strategies, preparing technology road maps and defining innovation strategies
  5. Phase: Approximation of HR management infrastructure and practice with innovation
  6. Phase: Increase the capacity of HR through innovation trainings
  7. Phase: creating need – necessity and idea pool and determining innovation project portfolio
  8. Phase: working on innovation projects and putting them into practice
  9. Phase: determining and putting into practice open innovation and cooperation strategies
  10. Phase: efficiency rating and revision of innovation works

Although the phases listed above will be held one by one, in some cases time periods may overlap.

Duration of the Program

Firms and mentors are expected to be active during 11 months out of 12 months which is the duration of the program. (August will be spared for annual leaves so neither activity nor payment is expected.)

Running of the Program

Within the scope of the program which is coordinated by TİM each firm matches with a mentor having expertise on innovation management. Mentors follow roadmap mentioned above during 11 months while providing mentorship to the firms.

Eligibility criteria for mentorship is the “the level of expertise and experience of the mentor on innovation management”   

During the program, mentor visits the firm minimum 4 hours in any time a week, which is jointly decided by the firm and mentor. During the program, each and every firm is expected to assign a director having expertise on innovation management or similar topics within the firm as a Project manager.

In every quarter experience sharing meetings are held with the participation of mentors and firms.

Both mentors and firms are expected to report their developments, observations and suggestions about the activities and outcomes of the program monthly through


Mentorship Payment

Monthly mentorship payment during 11 months is 4.000 TRY before taxes for mentors from universities located in İstanbul and 3.000 TRY before taxes for mentors from universities located other than İstanbul. Program is financed by the firms with the 25% joint financial support of both TİM and Exporters' Association that the firm is member of.


Monitoring and Evaluation of the Program

As mentioned above both mentors and firms are expected to report their developments, observations and suggestions about the activities and outcomes monthly through  Through the monthly reports, program advisors and experts from TİM monitor and evaluate the program for each and every firm.

In addition to the monthly reports, each and every quarter during the program mentors and directors of the firms come together and share experiences. In the second quarter, the best cases presents their processes with the participation of all shareholders. Right after completion of reporting period in the fourth quarter, success stories presents.

For further information: [email protected]