Global Evaluation

Snow Globe of the World: TÜRKİYE
Türkiye, a potential “snow globe” of the World, has set about utilize it's potential. Türkiye has started an intensive work program and is increasing the capacity of its World renown ski resorts such as Uludağ, Palandöken and Kartalkaya. 
European Union's #10YearsChallenge: Interregnum
From 2009 to 2019, the EU has lost its social, political and economic appeal. As a result of the Brexit crisis, the refugee problem and the economic stagnation, the social movements such as the rising extreme right and yellow vests have caused the union to be depressed.
Anatolia's Underground Treasures Awaiting to be Discovered
Anatolia, which has been home to dozens of civilizations for centuries, is a cradle of mining as well as of many other areas. Located at Biga Peninsula (Çanakkale) and formerly named as “Troia” in ancient Greek, Truva is now one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. This residential district, which was named as “Ilion” in Hellenistic era, used to have a significant place in mine melting profession.
Fertile Crescent Is Rising Again
The Fertile Crescent is the boomerangshaped region of the Middle East that was home to some of the earliest human civilizations. Also known as the “Cradle of Civilization,” this area was the birthplace of a number of technological innovations, including writing, the wheel, agriculture, and the use of irrigation. With its potential, Turkey continues to be one of the key player in the region in agriculture and livestock.
Make Trade Not War
Trade wars put the world into a new orbit. While the main actors of the war are trying to curb each other with various instruments, the remaining countries are clear: More trade.