Export Family Breaks a New Record

TİM Chairman Gülle: We will exceed the annual target of 184 billion dollars

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced the February export figures. In February, Türkiye's exports reached 16 billion 12 million dollars, an increase of 9.6 percent compared to the same month last year, despite the contraction in demand due to the pandemic, making it the highest February export figure in the history of the Republic. The export family has been a success in closing February and the last three months with a record in a row. In February, 22 sectors increased their exports compared to the same month the previous year. In particular, the strongest performing sectors were Mining, which increased by 47 percent to 415.6 million dollars, Defense and Aviation, which increased by 34 percent to 233.2 million dollars, and Ornamental Plants sectors, which increased by 25 percent to 16.3 million dollars. The three most exported countries were Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, respectively. The export family made to wave the Turkish flag in 210 countries and regions last month. In February, when 58 provinces increased their exports, 1538 companies participated in exports for the first time, while the automotive sector maintained its leadership with 2 billion 536 million dollars. The record export figure statement included the TİM Women's Council, of which exporter women are members, who have made important efforts to increase the number of exporter women.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “Türkiye has started to be exemplary all over the world with its successful export performance. We have closed the last three months in a succession with a record. Hopefully, we will reach 200 billion dollars together, much higher than our export target of 184 billion dollars for 2021. Our goals and dreams are huge. Our export figures reveal how indispensable and reliable Türkiye is for our near geography. According to the declarations filed with the Turkish Lira, exports were made to 172 countries with a total amount of 5.3 billion in Turkish Lira.”

The Turkish exporter, which started 2021 with a record and showed its ability to produce and supplier power in all conditions despite the harsh conditions of the pandemic, continues to set a record after the record by signing the highest monthly export figures of all time every month. The Turkish exporter, who reached the highest January export figure in the history of the Republic by exceeding 15 billion dollars in January last year, broke the record by not slowing down in February. The export family, who makes to wave the Turkish flag all over the world, also succeeded in making exports in February, the highest of all time, exceeding 16 billion dollars in February. The export figures in the first two months indicated that the export target of 184 billion dollars will also be exceeded in 2021, the first year of the new normal. 

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), which is the only umbrella organization of 100 thousand exporters with 61 Exporters' Association and 27 sectors, announced the temporary foreign trade data for February with the participation of Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan and members of the TİM Women's Council, at a meeting in Ankara. According to the General Trading System (GTS), exports in February reached 16 billion 12 million dollars, an increase of 9.6 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, making the Republic the highest February export in history.

“We will reach much higher numbers”

Evaluating February export figures, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “After January, which we closed with a record in exports, the export family also showed a very successful performance in February. We have closed the last three months in a succession with a record. In February, our exports amounted to 16 billion 12 million dollars, up 9.6 percent from the same month last year. In January and February 2020, we made a good start and set successive records. Likewise, we are proud of the record renewal in the first two months of 2021. Hopefully, we will reach 200 billion dollars, which is much higher than our export target of 184 billion dollars for 2021. Our exporters continue to work, produce, export without slowing down. We believe that the maximum benefit of our country from the change in global supply chains will be possible by frequently meeting our exporters with buyers from all over the world.”

The Number of exporters exceeds 40 thousand

Gülle said that 1,538 companies exported for the first time in February and that these companies, which had just started to export, exported 70 million 480 thousand dollars last month, and 40,616 companies in total exported in February.

22 Sector increases their exports

Emphasizing that 22 sectors increased their exports in February compared to the same month last year, Gülle said, "While our automotive sector, which exports 2 billion 536 million dollars, maintains its leadership; Our Chemicals sector, which reached 1 billion 679 million dollars, was second and our ready-to-wear sector, which reached 1 billion 517 million dollars, was third. The sectors that achieved the strongest increase performance of February were Mining, which reached 415.6 million dollars with an increase of 47 percent, Defense and Aerospace, which reached 233.2 million dollars with an increase of 34 percent. The Ornamental Plants sector reached 16.3 million dollars with an increase of 25 percent. If we look at the dramatic increases in our sectors in February; Our steel industry increased its exports to Brazil by 2 thousand 333 percent and its exports to the United Kingdom by 510 percent. Our Electrical-Electronic sector increased its exports to Uzbekistan by 470 percent in February. Our Chemicals exports increased by 418 percent to Nigeria.”

“We plan to continue our physical delegations in the summer months”

Stating that since May last year, they have been held 55 virtual trade delegations and 10 virtual fairs in 50 countries, Gülle said, "Hopefully, we plan to continue our physical delegations in the summer months. With these delegations, we are building the future of our exports. With its successful export performance, our country has started to be exemplary all over the world. We will continue to work with a stronger belief and determination every day, with the awareness of how important export is for our economy, without compromising. Our passion for export will never end.”

Logistics centers in three cities of the USA

Noting that another important issue for export is market access, Gülle said, “To facilitate the access of our exporters to markets all over the world, we have reached the final stage in our efforts to establish Turkish Logistics Centers. We plan to establish these logistics centers in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Georgia in the USA and Africa, Ghana.

We have determined these positions in consultation with all our Exporters' Associations and Secretaries-General, considering sectoral clusters, in such a way that our exporter will benefit the maximum. These logistics centers will fold our exports to the regions where they are established. It will support our exporter in remote markets.”

“Credit rating agencies should make more realistic assessments”

Referring to the current situation of economy and trade in the world and Türkiye, Gülle said, "The improvement in the macroeconomic outlook of our country has recently come under the radar of international evaluation bodies. Last week, Fitch changed our country's credit rating outlook from negative to stable” he said, adding:

“On the growth side, Moody's updated its growth forecasts. For Türkiye, the agency increased its growth expectation for 2021 from 3.5 percent to 4 percent and its forecast for 2022 from 4 percent to 5 percent. In recent months, we have expressed many times our belief that our country will close such a year, when the countries of the world experienced the deepest economic contraction since World War II, with growth. At that time, many international organizations predicted that our country's economy would shrink at the level of 4-5 percent. Today, we are proud to be right.  Türkiye's economy grew by 5.9 percent in the last quarter of 2020, when we set a record with 51.2 billion dollars in exports. It closed in 2020 with growth of 1.8 percent. In particular, we hope that the credit rating agencies, which have put forward assessments on our country's investment environment that do not match the real economic outlook, will make more realistic assessments for our country in the coming months.”

“Türkiye is an indispensable, reliable supplier”

Gülle continued:

“When we look at the current situation in world trade; The release of annual data more clearly revealed the negative impact of the demand contraction in 2020 on the imports of the European Union, especially in European countries that have a significant share in our exports. European Union countries' imports amounted to 2.3 trillion dollars in 2019, while in 2020 they declined to 1.8 trillion dollars. This data corresponds to a 22 percent drop. We see that the decrease in our country's exports to the region is limited to 8.7 percent. These figures reveal how indispensable and reliable Türkiye is for our near geography. Currently when regionalization is important in global trade, we need to maintain stability in our trade with neighboring geographies. We will continue to work for the exporter of our country to evaluate the new opportunities that will be born during this recovery process that the world economy has entered into. Our goals and dreams are huge.”

“We have signed many important projects with TİM Women's Council”

Gülle, who drew attention in her speech to the TİM Women's Council and International Women's Day on March 8, continued: “As TİM, we are aware of the leverage effect that is born with the participation of women in our economy. Especially under the leadership of our President, we have made very important breakthroughs since the 2000s. Over the past 15 years, the number of women involved in the workforce has increased by 60 percent. The rate at which women join the workforce increased from 23.6 percent to 30.6 percent. The number of female professors has almost tripled, with the proportion of women in executive positions increasing to 20 percent. Our goal is a Turkish economy where men and women are equally involved in the production, exports, and added value. In line with this goal, we established the TİM Women's Council, a first in our assembly, to represent more women in business and non-governmental organizations. Our Council continues to work under 9 separate committees, from digital communication, international relations, education, and mentoring to social awareness and climate studies. With the Women's Council that we established 2 years ago; we have accomplished many important projects in a short time. Inspired by Mrs. Emine Erdoğan's 'Zero Waste Initiative', we implemented the 'Zero Waste Project in Export' within our Assembly. Within the scope of the project, we placed recycling bins within the Foreign Trade Complex campus, established a waste collection center, and ensured the separation of waste at its source. Also, we provided 'Zero Waste Awareness Training in Exports' to all our staff.

“We will organize the Turkish Women Exporters Workshop”

“TİM Women Export Talks, South American Virtual Trade Delegation specific to our women exporters, Sustainability Report, Women Entrepreneurship Program, and many other projects, our Council has put forward quite successfully. We have many projects that we plan to carry out during the year. We will organize the “Türkiye Women Exporters Workshop” by saying “Strong Women, Strong Exports, Stronger Türkiye”. Besides, we believe that our “Strong Women of Export Film” project will make an important contribution to the promotion of the achievements of our women exporters”

“Without our women, we cannot get along our goals in exports”

Underlining that they will carry out an African virtual trade delegation for exporting women on March 8, International Women's Day, Gülle said, “Besides, for the development of our country's economy; We will reward our women exporters, who have significant contributions to production, employment, and exports, at the “Strong Women of Export Award Ceremony” by evaluating them according to their annual export performance. We will have our ceremony, which we postponed last year due to the pandemic, in a physical environment this year. Our TİM Women's Council, the architects of all these projects, is with us today. With the power we receive from them, we will build our future together. With the awareness that without our women, we cannot reach our goals in exports; working and producing together, we will continue to create value, so that we will build 'Türkiye Rising with Exports' together” he said.

They made to wave the Turkish flag in 210 countries and regions

In February, the exporter family managed to wave the Turkish flag in 210 countries and regions. The top 3 most exported countries were Germany with 1 billion 498 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 968 million dollars, and the United States with 917 million dollars.  The countries where we increase our exports the most by amount were; The United States increased by 177 million dollars, the United Arab Emirates with an increase of 175 million dollars, and Germany with an increase of 159 million dollars.

Exports to EU on the rise

In February, according to the country groups, exports to the European Union (EU-27), our largest market, increased by 11.8 percent to a volume of 6.87 billion dollars and received a 42.9 percent share. The share of the European continent, including other European countries other than the EU, in our February exports was 55.8 percent. In other country groups, 2.75 billion dollars to Near and Middle Eastern countries; 1.57 billion dollars to the entire African continent; 1.3 billion dollars to Far Eastern countries; To North America, 989 million dollars; exports were carried out.

The increase in exports in Elazığ attracted attention

While 58 cities increased their exports, the top 3 exporting cities were respectively; İstanbul with 6 billion 125 million dollars with an increase of 7 percent, Kocaeli with 1 billion 274 million dollars with an increase of 21 percent and Bursa with 1 billion 227 million dollars with a decrease of 5 percent. The most noticeable increases were in Elazığ, which reached 31.4 million dollars with an increase of 224 percent, in Zonguldak, which exports 33.5 million dollars with an increase of 174 percent, and in Burdur, which signed exports of 18.9 million dollars with an increase of 94 percent.

The Increase in parity reflected positively on exports

Exports on a basis quantity; it was 12.8 million tons, up 7.1 percent from the same month last year. The recent increase in euro/dollar parity reflected positively on exports. The positive impact of the increase in parity in February was 699 million dollars. The positive outlook for the euro/dollar parity is expected to continue in the coming months.

Exports were made to 172 countries with TL

According to the declarations opened with Turkish Lira, exports were made to 172 countries with a total amount of 5.3 billion in Turkish Lira. 6,159 companies preferred Turkish Lira for their export transactions. TİM will continue to support the use of domestic currencies in bilateral trade.