Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Extended Chairmen Council Meeting discussed the powerful image campaign of Turkey.

TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi said “How can we take our economy to better positions after July 15th? We are carrying out an image campaign for Turkey against what has been done”.

Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci said “We will tell the whole world the truths about Turkey. The world will not mention our country negatively from now on; only the investments of Turkey will be talked about”.

Ministry of Economy Nihat Zeybekci, who attended Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Extended Council of Chairmen Meeting, came together with chairmen of 60 exporter unions. In the meeting where topics were discussed such as “Turkish economy after the treacherous coup attempt”, “Turkey's foreign image study”, “Export Credit Guarantee Fund” and “Turkish Trade Centers”, TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that requests of the exporters for increasing the exports and their solution recommendations were deliberated.

Büyükekşi began his words by reminding the fact that he witnessed the treacherous coup attempt on the night of July 15th in the TIM Extended Council of Chairmen Meeting and said “We did not allow this coup attempt to be successful with the belief of our nation in democracy and its courage. The game played on our country was broken down”.

“We have to tell about Turkey in the world”

Büyükekşi noted that they invited the family of exporters consisting of 150 thousand persons from young entrepreneurs to the “Democracy and Martyrs Rally” to be organized on August 7th at Yenikapı by e-mail and said “We will be at Yenikapı tomorrow for our country and the bright future of our nation”. He went on to say:

“One of the main reasons for our meeting here today is that how can we transport our economy to better points after July 15th. We are executing an image campaign for Turkey against what has been done. Unity is at its top level in our country in the political sense. Wheels of the economy keep turning as if no such thing has happened. Our government continues to implement the planned reforms. We have to tell these outside Turkey”.

Important topics of TIM on the agenda of General Assembly of the Parliament

Büyükekşi reminded the arrangements made in the Investment Environment Improvement Coordination Council meeting and pointed out the importance of the related draft law being accepted at the General Assembly of the Parliament.

“Exporters will be given green passports. Tax exceptions will be implemented for international companies to bring their regional centers to Turkey. It will be possible to combine SGK statements and tax statements. On the other hand, with the International Workforce draft law passed into law on July 28th, it became possible to employ qualified foreign personnel that our companies need. New arrangements were made in the stamp tax to lower the costs. As TIM, we thank the government for making these arrangements that we consider important. 

Turkish Commercial Centers will work 7/24

Büyükekşi also mentioned that they recommended the President, Prime Minster and the related ministers the establishment of an “Export Guarantee Fund” and pointed out the importance of implementing this fund as soon as possible. Büyükekşi told that Turkish Commercial Center would be the institutions that may reflect the true image of Turkey and said “We began to establish Turkish Trade Centers that will operate with 7/24 fair logic. We established the first company in Iran. Presently we are carrying out activities in USA. In the future period we will continue to open our TCC's in various countries of the world such as Dubai, England, Germany, Japan, Kenya, and Russia. TTC's will make great contributions to our exports in the coming years”.

The world will talk about the investments of Turkey

Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci began his speech by condemning the coup attempt and told that they will support the activities of the exporters. Zeybekci underlined that they came together with 15 NGO's for the image of Turkey and continued to say: We will tell the whole world the truths about Turkey. We did not find it sufficient to tell about ourselves, we wanted our friends to tell about us. We received very positive feedbacks. From now on it will not be remembered negatively; the world will talk about the investments of Turkey.

Zeybekci also said that they provided a contribution around 3 million dollars for Turkish Commercial Centers and they support TIM's efforts on this subject.