Mozambique Business People Delegation

A businessmen delegation will be organized by our Assembly with the cooperation of THY on 27-29 April 2016 to Mozambique; the visit will cover the capital city of Maputo and it is foreseen to have qualified business discussions that will bring together the business entrepreneurs of the both countries, in addition to business visits.

The said delegation will be organized for the purpose of increasing our market share and generating new business and investment opportunities in Mozambique; it is considered useful for the firms to join the delegation, which produce and export products in accordance with international products in the sectors of petroleum oils, mineral fuels, machinery parts (articles, parts, accessories of heavy construction machines and equipment) mining machines, automotive main and side industry (articles, parts, accessories of motor vehicles, automobile tires), electric-electronic (electric convertors, electric devices, lighting), unprocessed aluminum, aluminum articles, cables(insulated wires, fiber optic cables), crops (wheat, rice), animal and vegetable solid and liquid oils, frozen fish, chemical industry (nitrous mineral and chemical fertilizers), iron and steel (iron or steel rods, railroad track materials, construction and construction parts, etc.), textile (textile products and second-hand clothes) furniture, cement, ceramic and medicine or firms that consider investing in Mozambique in energy, fishing or sea product sectors.