Tanzania Trade Delegation

A trade delegation will be organized by our Assembly with the coordination of the Ministry of Economy July 25-28, 2017 to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. It is foreseen to have qualified business meetings that will bring together the business entrepreneurs of the both countries, in addition to Business Forum.

The mentioned delegation will be organized for the purpose of increasing our market share and generating new business and investment opportunities in Tanzania; it is considered useful for the firms to join the delegation, which produce and export products in accordance with international products in the sectors of Leather, Furniture, Pharma, Iron & Steel, Machinery, Construction Products, Food Products, Textile and Garment, Automotive & Supply Industry, Medical Equipment, Electronic Items, Electrical Devices, Informatics & Defense Industry, Contracting & Consultancy and which aim at investing in the sectors of Leather, Mining, Agriculture, Infrastructure & Energy.