Uganda Business People Delegation

A business delegation will be organized by our Assembly with the coordination of the Ministry of Economy on August 22-25, 2017 to Kampala, Uganda. It is foreseen to have qualified business meetings that will bring together the business entrepreneurs and investors of the both countries, in addition to Business Forum.

The said delegation will be organized for the purpose of increasing our market share and generating new business and investment opportunities in Uganda; it is considered useful for the firms to join the delegation, which produce and export products in accordance with international products in the sectors of steel products, metals and metal products, building materials, glass products, electrical materials and equipments, telephone devices, cables and wires, white goods, agricultural machinery, plastics and packaging products, furniture, beauty products, air conditioning systems and equipments, food, automotive and spare parts, construction materials and contracting, medicines, printing house and paper products, leather bags, shoes and accessories, garment and fabrics, general supermarket products, and plan to invest in Uganda in the sectors of agricultural products processing including fruit, vegetable and flower growing of all kinds and bee breeding, greenhousing, packaging, cold chain premises, storage, livestock raising, dairy products and forestry products.