Third Largest Superyacht Builder in the World

Türkiye, being one of the top three superyacht manufacturers of the world, continue to make a mark of itself with the superyachts it launches. Innovation awarded Sirena 88 has become an example of blending a century of experience and innovation. Dream Symphony is indicated to be the world's largest sailboat with 140 meters when completed and will be Türkiye's new “Falcon”.

The Turkish Perspective MARCH 2020 ISSUE 80

Yachts Production in Türkiye Mega yacht production, one of the leading sectors in Türkiye's maritime area. Turkish mega yacht manufacturers, which rank among the top 3 in the world in the field of yacht production specially designed, have delivered many important projects so far. Although Türkiye and Italy as the quality in the production of the first unit sale terms are vying for the leadership of Germany and the Netherlands. Türkiye, which has become a global brand in the production of luxury yachts; has started to export yachts all over the world. Türkiye, or while being the world's third-largest superyacht exporting country; It was announced that the target was to be number one in the near future.

Companies operating in Antalya Free Zone, which has become a world brand in luxury yacht production, receive yacht orders from dozens of countries, Netherlands, the United States, Israel, Qatar, Croatia, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Portuguese, Jamaica, Russia, Oman and Djibouti.  48 firms are operating in the free zone area and as of the end of 2019, the total number of the yachts produced increased up to 441 yachts with a total length of 8,240 meters and a value of 1.17 billion dollars.

Antalya Free Zone Corp. (ASBAŞ) General Manager Zeki Gürses said that Türkiye ranks third worldwide after Italy and the Netherlands in the super luxury yacht production and the Antalya Free Zone has been a top center for the construction, which was initially started in 2000. The Tuzla district of Istanbul in the northwest and the western resort town of Bodrum follows Antalya in this regard.

Saying that they aim to provide more in yacht towingunloading investments, Gürses said a new pier is on the way, the construction of which will begin in a short time. “With this new ship lift investment, the yacht capacity of 50 meters and 500 tons will increase up to 90 meters and 2,000 tons. We also plan to create a total investment budget of 20 million dollars, which is set to include a 500-ton mobile-wheeled travel lift investment along with other infrastructure investments,” he said.

Yacht and boat industry in Türkiye, especially after 2011, is growing. Especially specialized in manufacturing super yachts, labor cost and quality advantages in the manufacturing drives Türkiye forward in the European market often in yachts and boats.

When you examine the history of developed countries, you can see how much the seafaring and marine culture is valued and transformed into a state policy in most countries. Sea trade fleets owned, ports and marinas are indicators of this. The yacht and boat sector is a very large industrial area with yacht manufacturers, marine engines, equipment, boat and mooring areas, technical maintenance and refit processes, water sports and distributors.

Yacht and boat manufacturing industry is a sector with a high added value, capable of providing employment and high export rates. This industry machinery, iron-steel, wood, paint, chemistry, electrical-electronics, textile, decoration, rubber-plastic, etc. It is a branch of industry that produces as a result of combining the products of many branches of industry in shipyards and also gets service from various service sectors. The yacht and boat industry is different from the shipbuilding industry in terms of both its content and scope and the technology it applies, while large investments for the shipbuilding industry needs for a long time at the seaside, while the yacht and boatbuilding takes a shorter time and can operate in smaller places with less investment. Although it does not require large investments, the added value is much higher. Türkiye provides an important opportunity for the international market with its coasts, yacht tourism facilities, a rich culture and history, particularly to mega yachts. Istanbul being one of the most attractive tourist and historical spots in the world, will include mega yacht mooring opportunities in the future, and this will provide a boost and prestige for the country.

2020 will be even better than 2019 Numarine General Manager Murat Soydaş said, 2019 has been very good and added that 2020 will be even better. Soydaş said that, “Numarine is producing in its factory in Gebze, Istanbul, and exports to the American, European, Far Eastern and Australian dealer network. Our sales schedule for 2020 is full.” Having two production lines, Numarine produces trawler style boats, which called the XP series. Soydaş said, “Our long-range excursion boats sail at a distance of 3,000 miles. With our new model of 22 meters, our XP series starts from 22 meters and rises to 26, 32, 37 and 45 meters. In the motor yacht segment, they have sizes from 62 feet to 300 feet.”

Türkiye's yacht and boat industry as a general rule that the owner of the title are summarize; ship and boat building industry with a long history, craftsmanship and skilled workmanship, trained workforce, flexible working hours, quality and production with international standards, affordable cost and labor costs, high quality and sufficient supply industry, suitable supply conditions, adequate technological and IT infrastructure, our country's proximity to the international market according to the Far East countries, appropriate climate and environmental conditions.

Türkiye has shown a steady rise in construction, particularly in superyachts (24 meters and above), since 2007 and has risen to the world third position in the number and length of superyachts delivered in 2010. When the 2014 global order book data is analyzed, Türkiye was ranked third in the world with 3,005 meters and 68 projects in the list of yachts ordered or in production, and in 2016, it maintained its third place in the ranking of countries according to the total length of the super yachts in order or under construction. According to the 2019 data, Türkiye ranks fourth with a total length of some 3,000 meters.

Small and medium boats can be ımproved, Burla Machinery Trade and Investment Corporation Manager Yavuz Sipahi says that the investments of foreign investors began in Türkiye, but due to the lack of stability and legal infrastructure and volatility in the exchange rates creates doubts. He added, “We have fallen behind in the production of small and medium boats. Even Northern European countries entered the market. But this is a long process, it can still be done.”

The global superyacht industry paused for breath in 2019, with the 807 projects over 24 meters ordered (with deposit taken) or under construction representing a slight dip on the 830 recorded in 2018. This brings a halt to a period of largely uninterrupted growth in the order book – from the low of 692 projects in 2013. The total length of projects this year is 32.3 kilometers, a decline of just one per cent from last year's figures. How to interpret this year's figures depends on your outlook: a welcome stabilization of a potentially overheating industry or an indication that buyers and shipyards are bracing against macroeconomic headwinds? We suspect there's truth to both positions but also note the exceptional levels of design and innovation seen in some of the projects under way - and the vision of the owners commissioning them.

Looking at all 170 active yards globally, 78 have only one project on their books and 64 are building three or more superyachts. Of these 64 yards, 33 are building five or more superyachts and just 17 have 10 or more projects under way.

Councilor of Chamber of Shipping and Chairman of Turkish Ship and Yacht Exporters Association Başaran Bayrak said that the exports cover the product groups defined under the 89.03 Customs Tariff Statistics Position worldwide. The volume of the market varies between years, but it is between 10-14 billion dollars. The amount of exports of Türkiye in yacht group vary in the range of 100-250 million dollars. The countries that import the most yachts in the world are the United States, Netherlands, the UK, Malta, the Cayman Islands and the Virgin Islands, which offer flag advantages. The top exporting countries are Italy, Netherlands, USA, Germany and France. The annual export values of these countries are between 1 billion dollars and 3 billion dollars. Türkiye is in the range of 100-250 million dollars.

Bayrak pointed out that Türkiye is one of the top five countries in the world, especially in the over 30 meters mega yacht production. Although it is in third place in terms of order book, we think it is still far from its real potential. In addition, we have shipyards that are internationally known and increasing their popularity every year. Important brands such as Turkuaz Yacht, Mengi Yay, Sirena Marine, Numarine, Bilgin Yat, Yıldız Gemi, Su Marine started to emerge. Türkiye has made significant advances in terms of quality and design in luxury products. The rise in the prestige of the country also increases the interest in the products produced in Türkiye. People preferring Türkiye to build their yachts as a luxury good is very important for country's image. Our yacht manufacturers should be promoted effectively in the world. Turkish shipyards are in a very favorable position for yacht production with their existing power and geographical advantages. In order to climb up to the top, the image of a safe country for foreign investors should be provided and the barriers faced by the producers should be developed in favor of the sector as well as support mechanisms should be in favor of the sector.

Alparslan Sirkecioğlu: The yachtes produced in Türkiye are more affordable Maritime Industry And Maritime Development Association (Dentur) Chairman Alparslan Sirkecioğlu said that Türkiye is one of the few countries in the world in traditional boat manufacturing and added, “A craft that crosses generations. Here I am talking about private yacht production, not mass production. We could profit if we produce private yachtes with the concept of houte couture. People that will invest in Türkiye are super yacht customers and we are in the top five in the world in the production of super yachts. Türkiye is a paradise for those who want to invest in the production of super yachts. We are close to world megapoles an are inexpensive in handcrafts. Sirkecioğlu says that domestic manufacturers use all the latest technologies in the World and no boat is produced exactly in one country. Stating that many equipments are produced and installed in different countries, he said, “The ratio of material production can not be found in Türkiye is 1 percent or 2 percent. Therefore, some costs are cheaper than abroad. Thus, buyers can have around 30 percent cheaper when buying boats from Türkiye. Türkiye is a very attractive place for people to order the boat.


Italy remains in first place in 2020 with a slight growth of production (+3.8 percent). The Netherlands holds on to second place, albeit with a slight decrease in production (-7.1 percent).

Türkiye, placed in the fourth place in 2019, takes third place from the UK largely thanks to a slew of large orders. There were two newcomers to the builder leaderboard to 2020 Global Order Book, both Turkish: Bilgin, with five projects (four of them exceeding 80 metres), and Turquoise, which has six boats under construction.

In fifth place, Germany demonstrates higher activity (+22.8 percent), mainly thanks to Lürssen, Nobiskrug, and Abeking & Rasmussen, a yard that has dramatically increased the size of yachts it can deliver of late. All these yards have 100-meter-plus projects.

Some yards, however, seem increasingly unafraid to start very large boats without an owner. Bilgin has an 85-meter project under way that is currently for sale and Turquoise has started a 75 meter on spec.

Turgay Noyan, publisher of sailing and yachting magazine Naviga said, “When it comes to yacht production, there are two different tracks. The first is those that produce sailboats or motorboats in series, mainly in the range of 40-50 feet. We are not active in this track. The second one is the big yachts where the heights have grown gradually. It turned into mega yachts and then giga yachts. We are among the top three countries in the world in big yacht production.”

Noyan pointed out that Türkiye's production is powerful on large yachts, whether steel or composite, aluminum or mixed. As an example, Tom Perkins' famous Maltese Falcon yacht was built in Yıldız Shipyard in Istanbul. And it is the largest export item in a single product in the history of the Republic.

Türkiye also has a very, very important tradition in woodworking. Even if our number of craftsmen gradually decreases, Türkiye will not lose its superiority in this regard.

The fact that the people from different sectors as well as those who were producers, created an excellent potential in Turkish yacht manufacturing. There are excellent examples such as Rahmi Koç's RMK Shipyard, and Inan Kıraç's Sirena.

Turkish brands such as Su Marine, Bilgin Yacht, Sarp Yacht, Mengi Yay, Ege Yacht, Sirena, CMB Yachting, World Yacht, Momenta Yacht, Zero Emmision, DSV and Vicem are recognized in the world in big yachts.

Turkish companies such as Mercan, Atak, Proteksan, MAT, Salmakis, İstanbul Ege Yat and Soyarslan are known in sails and smaller boats. Türkiye also has great interior and exterior boat designers who have an impact in yacht production such as, Tanju Kalaycıoğlu, Rıza Tansu, Red Yacht Design, Haluk Suntay, Aslı Felah and Aslı Aygen.


The 50-meter sailing yacht sistership to All About U 2 has been launched in 2019.

Built from a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, All About U 2 was designed by Ginton Naval Architects and built by Ada Yacht Works in Türkiye.

Accommodation is for a total of 12 guests in six cabins while the staff quarters allow for a crew of four. The yacht comes packed with a number of water toys and tenders including seabobs and paddleboards.

Other features include a sundeck bar and open plan beach club, which is revealed by a folding transom.

The interior meanwhile is decorated in grey, orange and brown accents for a “contemporary” living space. Large windows flood the interior with natural light while the formal dining area is positioned forward with seats for up to 12 guests.

The yacht will have a top speed of 14.5 knots with power coming from two 800hp Caterpillar C-18 Acert diesel engines.

All About U 2 will now undergo sea trials ahead of delivery this summer. Following delivery, she will be managed for charter by Turk Yacht in the Turkish and Greek waters. All About U 2 remains listed for sale at Fraser for an asking price of 19.5 million euros.

Mengi: We produce our own designs Huseyin Mengi, the owner of Mengi Yay Yachting, said that the year 2019 was a good year for Mengi Yay Yachting. Stating that the yachts were completed in an average of 24 months, Mengi said that the production was completed between 18 and 36 months depending on the length of the yacht. Mengi said, “We delivered 2 boats in 2019. One is a 40-meter sailboat and the other is a 44-meter motor yacht. In 2020, we will deliver 2 boats. One is a 35.5-meter motor yacht and the other is a 44-meter gulet. In 2021, we will deliver a 42-meter sailboat. In 22, we will produce a 48-meter yacht, but our goal is to produce 2 more yachts.” Stating that they stopped producing on customer demand and producing their own designs and selling their biggest yacht through an investment, Mengi said, “We are producing first to bring the customer here. Buyers are already working with you when they see a price advantage of about 25 percent.” Saying that boat sales are made with networking as much as magazines and social media, Mengi added that it is necessary to work with well-known brokers.

At the outset, the hull was stripped to bare steel, the complete superstructure and surplus metal works were removed, and the interior gutted and sandblasted. The 320 tons of steel that was removed was replaced with 550 tons of new fabrications, including the new superstructure and 112 electrically operated sliding windows each weighing 500kg. New stabilizers and other heavy engine room equipment were installed before the vessel was faired, painted and relaunched. Following her launch, new pipework was installed, she was rewired, and her new interior, all floating on rubber mounts to minimize noise transmission, was inserted. All these works were compliant with SOLAS 36 Passenger requirements.

The Judges concluded that this was an extraordinary conversion that not only changed the whole exterior profile of the vessel, improving it beyond recognition, but also gave her a completely new interior, which has a refreshingly understated and modern appearance that abounds in luxury. This, they felt, was a conversion for which the owner should be justifiably proud.


Selling luxury yachts in multiples isn't the easiest feat, but Numarine just made it look like a cakewalk. The Turkish shipyard has sold not one, but five compact expedition vessels from its popular XP series.

According to the builder, four 85-foot 26XP yachts and one 104-foot 32XP superyacht were snapped up, meaning a whopping 14 yachts from the XP series have now been sold.

“These achievements indicate the relevance and popularity of the series,” said founder and chairman of Numarine Omer Malaz. “We are very pleased that five more international customers will be able to experience what high quality and impeccable Numarine style are.”

To recap, both the 26XP and 32XP are billed as modern expedition yachts. They feature efficient hulls and impressive long range-up to 3,000 nautical miles for the 26XP and 4,000 nautical miles for the 32XP-as well spacious interiors which make cruising at length a cinch. The vessels were designed by Can Yalman with naval architecture by Umberto Tagliavini and exude Built from a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, All About U 2 was built by Ada Yacht Works in Türkiye. Cover MARCH 2020 ISSUE 80 39 The Turkish Perspective DREAM built by Haliç Shipyard was awarded by Boat International in Converted Yachts Category in 2019. This ambitious project, which converted an aging 93-metre cruise ship into a 106.5-metre dream yacht in a highly successful manner. Dream won the Converted Yacht Award a futuristic feel, with angular windows and vertical bows.

Another successful yacht designer Sarp Yachts was the winner of the following categories in 2019:

• German Design Award - Winner XSR 155- Aviation, Maritime and Railway Category

• A'Design Awards and Competition - Platinum Winner XSR 155

• A'Yacht and Marine Vessel Design Award

• German Design Award - Special Mention XSR 85 - Aviation, Maritime and Railway

• German Design Award - Winner Nacre 60 - Aviation, Maritime and Railway


Maltese Falcon is a full rigged ship using DynaRig technology, which was built by Perini Navi in Tuzla, İstanbul, and commissioned by her first owner,  Tom Perkins in 2006. It is one of the world's most complex and largest sailing yachts at 88 m (289 ft), similar in size to the Athena and Eos. The vessel dropped her BVI flag in 2008 and was purchased by Pleon Ltd, which put her to charter use. Famous charterers include actors Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman, Google-co founder Larry Page and Norwegian production company Fantefilm.

Maltese Falcon has received 6 different best sailing yachts awards and won the Perini Navi Cup regattas on two occasions as well as the Palma Superyacht Cup in 2010.

Dream won the Converted Yacht Award

DREAM built by Haliç Shipyard was awarded by Boat International in Converted Yachts Category in 2019. This ambitious project, which converted an aging 93-metre cruise ship into a 106.5-metre dream yacht in a highly successful manner.