Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) has established "TIM Women's Council" in order to increase the number of women exporters. Chairman Of TIM İsmail Gülle said “We reach our national targets much faster by increasing our exports in a continuous and permanent manner with the support of women. With our new council, we aim to solve the problems encountered by women exporters in the business world. We also aim to carry out their projects more effectively. Together with this council, we declare mobilization for exports.

He continued his speech with the words of Atatürk “Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.”


“Women's Council will be the milestone for our country”

Gülle stated that there are 5,200 women exporters as of 2018, “In other words, only 7,3 percent of total number of our exporters.” With our new management, we started to implement reformist policies in order to increase the participation of women. We have a female member on the board of directors, for the first time. Similarly, in the last period, while there were 39 female members in the Board of Directors of our Exporters' Associations, there are 55 female members in this period. We are committed to further increasing these numbers. We aim to increase the number of female exporters and female delegates in the business world. That is why we believe that the establishment of Women's Council will be a milestone for both our country and TIM.

It is expected that the TIM Women's Council will meet in October to form a road map and start concrete projects.