Türkiye Continues to Amaze Türkiye Rises Through National Unity
International associations and economists always consider one thing that is unique to Turkey when they announce their economic growth estimates: national unity spirit.
Türkiye is a Safe Haven
Türkiye has once again demonstrated that it is a safe haven. Global companies set their eyes to Türkiye once again.
Turkish Economy on Growth Trend
The year 2019 was not a bright year for global economy and trade as you all know. It is forecasted that 2020 will not be nothing less than the previous year. International credit rating agencies have revised their forecasts downwards.
Let 2020 Be The Year of TİM, The Year of You
Export family that carries our industry on its back, never comes to the fore with problems and excuses but with solutions and records… LET 2020 BE THE YEAR OF TİM, THE YEAR OF YOU
May Design Week Turkey be a present to our great beautiful country
We are working hard to grow out more designers from this land. We aim to transform the next Design Week into a valuable global design brand by bringing together all stakeholders of the design ecosystem.
We Returned From This Journey of Heart With Pride
Turkey has a lot more power than it is paid credit for. As a representative of Turkey's import family, we've taken action to use our force on behalf of our government and people. With the slogan of “Our troops are the backbone of our unity” we've dispatched our support team.
Despite The Waves Our Course Will Not Change
Moving our export target, which was 182 billion dollars at the end of this year, to 230 billion dollars in 2023, is our critical priority. Also, for 2030, we will continue to run for $ 400 billion.
No One Can Hinder Us From Our Development Goal
It should be realised that Turkey is not the former country before the 15th of July. There is no power to turn this nation, repulsing the coup with their hands and counting on martyrdom as an honour, out of its way.
Our mission is 24/7 export, Our vision is Export 4.0
Despite many challenges in global trade and the biggest financial attack towards our economy in the history of our Republic, the success of 2018, continued in the first five months of 2019. In order to make our exporters' success permanent, we have declared 2019 as ‘The Year of Sustainability and Innovation.'
Now is The Time of Reforms
Now we have a non-elective period of 4.5 years. We read this process as a period of rapid economic reform. In the context of the Sustainability and Innovation Year, which we have announced as TIM, we will continue our record with the same determination for the welfare, growth and employment of our country.
Innovation is Essential for Exports, as Exports are Essential for Turkey
With globalization, digitalization and internet revolution, the world has moved on to another dimension. Industrial economies now have to be replaced by economies of knowledge and so on. As a result, all major economies have become a collective network economy, which are connected to each other.
Walking Confidently Towards Our Goals
We have to focus on innovative products to increase the quality and the unit value of our exports. Therefore we need to apply a more dynamic production function and enhance our capacity. As TİM we gathered this factors around “5S” principles. Strong Turkey will evolve from strong economy, strong exports, strong human resources and strong infrastructure for exports.
100 Thousand Exporters, 200 Billion Dollars Export
Our vision is aimed at achieving a sustainable momentum in our export volume, not only in the export figures. Our strategy is to focus on R&D, innovation and design, and we take it as a mission to transfer it to the public.
Design Will be Our New Levarage on Competition
According to a research, Turkey has ranked as the seventh country for raising the best designers in the world.
The World is Getting Smaller; Turkish Exports Are Getting Bigger
World aviation has moved to its new heart. İstanbul New Airport, one of the greatest projects of the Republican era, was opened with a magnificent ceremony on October 29,2018, 95th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.
The essence of the New Economic Program: Export
Considering the situation of the world trade and Turkey's economy, I think that the program, based on 3 fundamental merits, including balance, discipline and change, is highly realistic in terms of main macroeconomic objectives. It is consistent with the realities of our country.
Focusing on Exports is Crucial for Parrying This Turmoil
Regarding to the large corporate debt payments for the incoming months of Turkish private sector, the hit on Turkish Lira suffers the firms for making new investments. Therefore, our Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency relieved the sudden pressure on lira with putting restrictions on dollar-lira swaps actions to make it harder to bet against Turkish Lira.
Collaborative Action For a Brighter Future
We all know that the quality of our exports is one of the keystones to grow our economic power.
Onward to New Markets With Innovatıve Products
Turkey's foreign trade has undergone a radical transformation since the early 2000s. Our exports increased six-fold where our imports quadrupled. While the weight of agricultural products decreased in our exports, the weight of the sectors based on technology, such as automotive and electrical electronics started to increase.