K.F.C. Food Textile Industry. Exp. Investment Inc. Chairman

Birol Celep was born in June the 4th 1960 in İzmir and graduated from Çınarlı industrial technical high school in 1977.

In 1984, he managed the production and purchase departments of his family's corporations Celepler Pamuk and Celpam Pamuk which carry their businesses in cotton sector in Gediz and Bakırçay basins.

After the take over of K.F.C food textile ind importation&exportation investment join stock company which was founded with Turkish-Dutch partnership in 1993 with the aim of dried fruit production and exportation, by Celep family, Birol Celep assumed the chairman position at K.F.C Food Textile Industry. Exp. Investment Inc.

Celep, the chairman of K.F.C Food Inc. Which has been exporting dried fruits to more than 56 countries via it's brand Sunny Fruit and Safe Food Corporation which has been running the business in USA for 15 years, is also a member of board of executives at Celepler Pamuk

Celep has been a part of Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters' Association's board member and Audit board since 2003 and was elected in 2010 as Vice President, beginning a four-year term.

Celep was elected as Chairman to Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters' two consequtive terms in 2014 and April the 16th, 2018. Celep was elected as Aegean exporters' Association's Vice Coordinator Chairman and is also one of the founding members of Board of Foreign Economic Relations. Celep is married and is father of two.