Salahattin KAPLAN

Salahattin Kaplan

Salahattin Kaplan was born in 1967, in Gaziantep. He has been experiencing approximately 30 years in Carpet Industry as one of the most important producers and exporters of machine-made carpet sector in Turkey.

He presently acts as;

  • Chairman of Southeast Anatolian Carpet Exporters' Association
  • Vice Chairman of Southeast Anatolian Exporter Unions
  • Member of Sectors Council of the Turkish Exporters Assembly
  • Chairman of the Council of Carpet Sector
  • Member of The City Council of Gaziantep
  • Chairman of Dost Kardesler Inc. which is the top machine-carpet-exporting company in Southeast Anatolian and the second highest machine-carpet-exporting company in Turkey.

Kaplan is married with six children.